A New Face in the Presidents’ Race?

by Jason Epstein

Now that Teddy has finally won a contest, the Nationals are poised to add a new flavor to its between-inning sideshow known to all as the Presidents Race. 

So … who will be the fifth POTUS?

There was no shortage of educated guesses over at Baseball Think Factory:

  • “Well, we know it won’t be FDR. Sorry, that was wrong.”
  • “Bill Clinton, with his pants down around his ankles.”
  • “Wouldn’t it be cool if it turned out to be someone totally obscure like Franklin Pierce. And everyone’s like ‘Who the #### is that?’”
  • “Or make it William Henry Harrison, and have him collapse at the start of every race.”
  • “Jefferson Davis. They won’t have to worry about people campaigning for him to win.”
  • “Dennis Martinez, of course.”*
  • “In recognition of the Expo legacy, Charles De Gaulle.”
  • “Maybe a giant Alexander Haig tries to join everyone at the starting line?”
  • “I foresee a giant Al Gore head poised on the starting line, when a giant Antonin Scalia head says ‘Just where do you think YOU’RE going?’”
  • “Dewey wins!”

For those interested in attending NatsFest, go here.

* Martinez, who played nearly all of his 23-year career in Baltimore and Montreal, was affectionately known as “El Presidente.”

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