Ray Lewis Denies Using ‘Deer-Antler Velvet Extract’ to Heal his Injury

by Greg Pollowitz

Ray Lewis denies using this traditional Chinese medicine to heal from his torn triceps:

Ray Lewis returned to Super Bowl media day with another controversy: allegations of cheating.

According to Sports Illustratedthe iconic Baltimore Ravens linebacker tried to obtain deer-antler velvet extract in an attempt to speed the healing for a torn triceps that sidelined him for more than half the season.

Lewis approached the makers of the deer-antler velvet extract — Sports with Alternative to Steroids — the company’s owner Mitch Ross told SI. Deer-antler spray contains IGF-1, which is on the NFL’s list of banned substances. Using the spray would be a violation of the NFL’s steroids policy.

During a podium session packed with news media, Lewis dismissed the story.

“Two years ago, that was the same report,” he said. “It’s not worthy of the press.”

When asked directly whether he had used the spray during his recovery this season, Lewis said, “Nah, never.”

Whatever happened to normal, plain-old steroids?

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