Chillax, Philadelphia, It’s Just an Avatar

by Jason Epstein

Now that it’s finally lights out for the NFL postseason — get it, Superdome owners? — may we please pay attention to serious business related to the National Pastime?

For example . . .

Via the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg, insecure Phillies fans are bludgeoning Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports and MLB Network for . . . changing his Twitter avatar.

Behold, the supposed act of treachery:

The Let Teddy Win blog recorded some of the reactions from the Phanatic’s hypersensitive friends and loved ones.

@Eric_Devlin @Ken_Rosenthal go back to the phanatic! Those chumps in Dc aren’t real fans

@Rodeojones000 @Ken_Rosenthal A better avatar would have been you injecting PEDs into their cheating, 21-game-winning pitcher.

@beef5669 @Ken_Rosenthal Wait the #Nationals have fans?????

‏@mager_ryan @Ken_Rosenthal lets make this clear the nats have one great season and think there #1 us phillies fans ran this division for the past 7 year

@phillyaws @Ken_Rosenthal no way they could come up with a photo of a full stadium

‏@BigDaddy_NOLT @Ken_Rosenthal as the phillie phanatic zooms past them all on his quad to steal the victory! #phillies

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