Buehrle’s Family, Including His Pit Bull, Will Stay Stateside

by Andrew Johnson

Mark Buehrle, recently acquired by the Toronto Blue Jays, won’t be moving his wife and two kids to the Canadian city because Ontario laws prevent him from bringing with him another member of his family: his dog.

Slater, Buehrle’s bulldog–American Staffordshire terrier mix, is outlawed in Ontario because the latter breed is of pit-bull lineage, deemed by the provincial government to justify a “reasoned apprehension of harm.” “He’s an awesome dog,” lamented Buehrle, who spent last season with the Miami Marlins. “That’s what’s a shame; just the way he looks is why we have to get separated.”

Rather than leave Slater with friends or a kennel and move his family north of the border, they will split time between their St. Louis and Florida homes, Buehrle said. His family will occasionally visit him in Toronto throughout the season as well. “It’s something we’re going to deal with,” said the 2005 World Series champion. “It’s going to be tough at the beginning, not seeing your kids, but people deal with it and we’ll make it work.”

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