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John McCain’s Final Four Picks, Via HuffPo


From the can’t-make-this-up department, “conservative” John McCain is showing his true colors with his Final Four picks: he’s using the Huffington Post for his bracket. The HUFFINGTON POST!?!?!?

To be fair, it was probably a staffer who passed these around the office for everyone to fill out, which makes it worse. What are his staffers doing on HuffPo?

But what I really have a problem with is — shocker — Senator McCain’s hypocrisy. In 2011, this is what he had to say about college sports:

How do you feel about problems in sports, like the BCS, get brought to Congress to discuss being fixed?:“First of all, I’m embarrassed that Congress would have to get involved in something like this. There’s neither the talent nor the expertise residing in Congress. Second of all, I’m disgusted with these institutions that call themselves higher learning and education because it’s all about money. … It’s all about money and your own television network and your own players and then they expect these players to adhere to a very high code of conduct. And I do, too, but come on. This is destroying, really, any semblance of the word amateur in college sports.”

So, rather than use the NCAA tournament to reiterate a legitimate point, he buys into the hype and fills out a bracket because all the cool kids are doing it? If you think there’s too much money in college sports, don’t celebrate March Madness.

And if you’re a conservative, certainly the last place you celebrate the tourney is on HuffPo.

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