Rutgers’ Basketball Coach Abuses His Players

by Noah Glyn

There’s isn’t much more to add to this video (courtesy of ESPN) of Rutgers coach Mike Rice physically and verbally abusing his players:

Of course, no one is shocked that a coach uses obscenities directed at his players. After Tyler Clementi’s suicide, though, it’s jarring to hear a coach — a Rutgers coach — call one of his players a “faggot.” There’s a time and a place for yelling and screaming. It’s unlikely, though, that Rice deployed his obscenities strategically to maximize his players’ intensity and readiness to play.

Bobby Knight was one of the all-time great college coaches when it came to winning games. But he too was abusive toward his players, and he ultimately got fired for violent behavior against them. Here’s a news flash: Mike Rice is no Bobby Knight, and Rutgers basketball is no Indiana. Some argue that Indiana should have fired Knight long before they finally did. I say Rutgers should fire Mike Rice today. 

For more information about the story, read here and here

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