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Home of Miami’s Chris Bosh Robbed While He’s Out Celebrating His Birthday


Local 10 Miami-Ft. Lauerdale reports:

Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh’s house in Miami Beach was robbed Wednesday night while he and his wife celebrated his 29th birthday.

According to police, $340,000 worth of jewelry, purses, watches, and rings was missing when the couple returned to their home in the 6300 block of North Bay Road.

The couple was out celebrating Bosh’s birthday at Briza on the Bay, a waterfront venue in downtown Miami.

Two housekeepers and the couple’s children were both home during the robbery.

Only jewelry without significant markings that would make them easily identifiable were taken.

I’m actually surprised that more robberies like this don’t happen to celebrities. A 2011 survey of burglars in the U.K. (who knows how accurate that is) revealed that close to 80 percent of these criminals used social-network platforms to help find their victims. And since celebrities live their lives in the public eye, it seems criminals could target them pretty easily.

As this is an early report, I’ll post any updates or corrections as need be.

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