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A Former Catcher Has No Desire to Touch Home Plate


Watch Victor Martinez get thrown out at home plate on a strike from Jeff Francoeur in last night’s game at bone-chilling Comerica Park. Notice anything pecuilar, other than the participants wearning enough thermal attire for a climb up Mount Everest?

Yup, Martinez chooses neither to slide nor take out the opposing catcher. He avoids home plate altogether and instead makes a beeline for the dugout.

Dayn Perry of CBS Sports’ Eye on Baseball doesn’t blame the slugger for the detour; au contraire, he questions the third-base coach’s decision to give the go sign:

The problem here was three-fold:

1. Martinez was already slow.
2. He’s a season removed from having his ACL (knee) repaired.
3. Royals right fielder Jeff Francoeur sports one of baseball’s most lethal throwing arms.

Fortunately for the Tigers, the out at the plate was not all that costly; Detroit defeated Kansas City, 7–5.





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