A Little Liquid Plumr Needed in Oakland

by Jason Epstein

What’s that rather pungent odor coming from the East Bay?

A sewage problem at the Coliseum forced the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners to use the same locker room after Sunday’s game.

The pipes backed up on the lower levels of the stadium during Oakland’s 10–2 victory, creating a stink and pools of water in the clubhouses used by both teams and the umpires.

The A’s and Mariners moved to a higher floor and cleaned up postgame in the locker room occupied by the Oakland Raiders during NFL games.

Coliseum officials said the six-day homestand, which drew 171,756 fans, overtaxed the plumbing system at the 47-year-old stadium.

Club officials claim that drainage management is an ongoing issue at O.Co.

“There is a blockage somewhere on the clubhouse level,” A’s vice president of stadium operations David Rinetti said. According to Rinetti, the team deals with this issue on a regular basis because of the age of the building, “but never to this extent.”

“Make sure everybody finds out about this sewage thing,” Oakland starter A. J. Griffin told an Associated Press reporter. “We need to get a new stadium.”

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