Go Blue! A Classy Move by Michigan’s Football Coach

by Greg Pollowitz

A couple of days ago we posted this story on a young Ohio State football fan who named his brain tumor “Michigan,” because why wouldn’t you name cancer the thing you hate most?

And here is the fantastic response from Michigan’s coach, Brady Hoke:

Michigan football coach Brady Hoke has no problem with Grant Reed comparing his team to cancer.

In fact, he’s thrilled about it.

Mainly because Reed, a 12-year-old Ohio State fan who named his cancer tumor “Michigan,” is following through on his promise.

He’s beating “Michigan.”

“Well, number one reaction is we were glad,” Hoke said Wednesday during the first day of the Big Ten media days in Chicago. “We were excited for that young man. And being a father, our children are so important and you try and put yourself through what that family has gone through.

“So him beating Michigan, in this context, we were all for it.”

Hoke recently offered Reed and his family four tickets to this year’s Michigan–Ohio State game on Nov. 30.

The rest here.

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