Stay Classy, Sox Fan

by Jason Epstein

The Red Sox bats finally woke up this evening, as Boston stormed back from a four-run deficit in the bottom of the eighth inning to capture the second game of the American League Championship Series from Detroit, 6–5.

However, the unambiguous Fenway lowlight came immediately after the Tigers’ fourth and fifth runs had scored.

Alex Avila had crushed a Clay Buchholz offering into the right-field stands beyond the bullpen. As you will see below, the female fan who came up with the ball had it unceremoniously snatched from her hands by a lout donning a visor who proceeded to launch it onto the field.

If it’s any consolation, the putz fan was reportedly ejected from the ballpark.

Oh and by the way, this stupid Wrigley Field tradition of throwing back visiting-team home-run balls back should never have been allowed to metastasize and creep its way into other ballparks.

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