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Bob Costas: ‘Redskins’ Is a Slur


Andrew Johnson has the video of Costas’s op-ed from halftime of the Redskins-Cowboys game over in The Corner.

I’d like to point out that if Bob Costas really feels this way, why hasn’t he spoken up on the issue before now? Or do we now just accept that our politicians and media figures are able to “evolve” on such issues? The movement to change the name began in earnest back in 1992. It’s taken Costas 20 years to make up his mind, I guess. 

And one thing that really bothers me is when Costas mentions the polling that shows Native Americans are fine with the name “Redskins” — but that Costas knows better. I’m pretty sure Native Americans are fully capable of knowing when a word is and isn’t offensive and they don’t need the help of someone like Bob Costas to reach their own conclusions. 

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