Slow News Cycle

by Jason Epstein

Mark Townsend of Big League Stew reminds us that the offseason often contains slow news cycles, particularly in the period between free-agent filings and major award announcements. . . .

While shaggy beards were all the rage during the World Series, one outfit long associated with the game we love has sought to spend this month venerating the players who embraced the caterpillar look:

[The] card company Topps [is in the midst of] a “30 Days of November, 30 Days of Mustaches” promotion. The promotion includes selling a series of limited-edition posters that celebrate MLB’s rich mustache history, in addition to archived prints featuring mustachioed players and other apparel.

Also, in connection with the promotion, Topps has released an interesting infographic that chronicles the history of mustaches in MLB, including when New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner banned players, coaches and executives from wearing facial hair that goes beyond mustaches.

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