Italian Football Team Offers Contract to Tebow

by Andrew Johnson

Tim Tebow has indicated that he doesn’t want to play football in Canada, but what about Italy? The Milano Seamen of the Italian Football League have reportedly offered the former Denver Bronco and New York Jet quarterback a four-month, $200,000 contract.

“We would be more than happy to have him,” team president Marco Mutti told the Associated Press.

The Seamen hope that, in addition to his contributions on the field, Tebow will serve as a “sort of ambassador” for the sport in Italy, where calcio (soccer) dominates the sports scene.

After his release from the Jets during the off season, Tebow signed with the New England Patriots, but failed to make the final roster. He has reportedly received offers from a wide assortment of second-tier leagues, including the Canadian Football League, the Arena Football League, and a Russian football league.

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