Because You Never Asked for It

by Jason Epstein

Because you never asked for it, the Hallmark Channel is offering the public an opportunity to skip the Midsummer Classic by watching a litter of felines scamper around a diamond:

After winning six million viewers with its Super Bowl Sunday “Kitten Bowl,” Hallmark told advertisers Thursday it is creating a similar event, “Kitten Paw Star Game,” to air opposite baseball’s All-Star game in July 2015.

The MLB-focused event will feature kittens in baseball outfits batting balls — plus celebrities and baseball stars to cheer the kitties on.

Never mind that last year’s All-Star Game drew only 11 million viewers — a drop in the bucket compared to the Super Bowl XLVIII’s 111.5 million. The confusing part of the story is why the cable network’s executives aren’t putting on the event this year. Does this sort of programming really require 16 months of prep time?

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