Falcons Roddy White Loses Huge Bet Thanks to Duke Loss

by Greg Pollowitz

Memo to NFL players: Don’t make bets on a public messaging service if you intend to welch on them:

Who says Twitter can’t bring people together?

After promising a Twitter follower season tickets if Mercer beat Duke in an NCAA Tournament game, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is now in the awkward position of having to follow through on his pledge or publicly default before his 197,000 followers.

The exchange between White and super fan Dylan Hoyt started innocently enough on Tuesday, three days before the game when Hoyt tweeted to White: “Mercer gonna beat em first round!#478.”

White, who attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham, entered the fray, confidently tweeting of the No. 3 vs. No. 12 match-up: “If mercer beat Duke I will give you season tickets 50 yard line first row”.

Mercer beat Duke 78–71.

White has since deleted the tweet and is counter-offering:

“I lost a bet and I will give him tickets to the bears game since he is a bears fan done with this bet.”

So far there’s no response from Hoyt if he’ll accept White’s offer of tickets to one game. Stay tuned.

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