Does Sterling Have to Give Back His Other Two NAACP Awards?

by Greg Pollowitz

The NAACP just announced that it is rescinding Don Sterling’s 2014 “Lifetime Achievement” award.

However, Sterling won a NAACP Lifetime Achievement award in 2009 and a NAACP President’s Award in 2008. From his bio on the website of the Clippers:

He has received many honors, including the 2009 NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award, the 2008 BBA Humanitarian of the Year Award, the 2008 NAACP President’s Award, the 2006 Say Yes to Children Network ChildrenÂ’s Hero Award, the 1999 MDA Dennis Day Memorial Award, the 1998 Los Angeles Yeshiva Golden Menorah Humanitarian of the Year Award, the Asthma & Allergy Foundation 1998 Humanitarian of the Year Award, the Vista Del Mar Orphanage 1997 Man of the Year and the Gold Medal Humanitarian of the Year by the Special Olympics.


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