Donald Sterling Now Says Clippers Not for Sale

by Greg Pollowitz


Embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling said on Monday the basketball franchise was not for sale and he would fight to keep the team he built, in the latest salvo of his battle with the league.

Sterling was banned for life by the National Basketball Association in April over a leaked recording of racist remarks he made.

Then, on May 30, Sterling sued the NBA and its commissioner, Adam Silver, seeking at least $1 billion in damages, just as the league tentatively approved a deal by his estranged wife, co-owner of the franchise, to sell the club for $2 billion to former Microsoft Corp chief executive Steve Ballmer.

Maybe it’s time to give Sterling a second chance? Here he is, for example, proving he’s not racist by lunching with two very attractive African-American women. TMZ:

To be continued. . .

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