Former Litigator on Planned Chief Wahoo Suit: You’re Not Helping, Dudes

by Jason Epstein

Recovering litigator and NBC Sports’ Hardball Talk lead writer Craig Calcaterra offers his take on the planned federal lawsuit against the Cleveland Indians over their name and Chief Wahoo logo:

I think my record on the Chief Wahoo thing is pretty clear by now. I’m quite obviously not a fan. But there’s a big, big difference between thinking something is offensive and should be banished to history and thinking that thing actually entitles people to billions of dollars in legal damages. Some folks to whom I’d otherwise be sympathetic are going to learn that pretty quickly. . . .

The Cleveland Indians are a private corporation. They, like any other private citizen, can be as offensive as they want to be. . . .

Of course Robert Roche and the American Indian Education Center likely know this. And I presume they are merely seeking out some headlines in order to draw attention to their cause. But ultimately this sort of stunt is counterproductive as a means of swaying public opinion. A lot of people hate Chief Wahoo and a lot of people love him. But a lot MORE people hate lawyers and litigiousness and are immediately suspect of someone who files — or, in this case, threatens to file — lawsuits against their beloved institutions. Especially ones with little if any legal merit.

Put differently: you’re not helping, dudes. Keep up the protests and the public pressure. Even think about narrow, focused legal action with actual merit such as the trademark challenge the Redskins just lost. But cut it out with the billion dollar damage claims.

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Meanwhile, I think it’s safe to say that the Padres never (ever!) want to face Tim Lincecum again.

Earlier today, the 30-year-old righty pitched his second no-hitter against San Diego in less than one calendar year. In the Giants’ 4–0 victory, Lincecum faced only one batter over the minimum, walking one and striking out six.

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