9th Circuit Agrees to Rehear Bonds BALCO Case

by Jason Epstein

Via the New York Daily News, the all-time and single-season home-run king is back:

Barry Bonds’ bid to overturn a 2011 obstruction of justice conviction gained new life Tuesday, when the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit agreed to rehear the slugger’s case. A three-judge panel in the same federal appeals court upheld the conviction last September in a unanimous ruling, but Bonds still had the option to further his appeal.

An 11-judge panel will now be charged with either overturning or upholding the conviction. . . . 

Bonds was indicted in November 2007, only a few weeks after he last played in the majors, but in his criminal trial four years later, he was convicted on the one obstruction count. The jury deadlocked on three perjury counts. Prosecutors argued that the seven-time MVP gave “misleading or evasive” testimony when he testified before a grand jury in 2003 in connection with the government’s investigation of BALCO.

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