Wainwright Grooved Pitch to Jeter

by Jason Epstein

So this happened at the All-Star Game:

“Repoz” from Baseball Think Factory had predicted as much hours before Jeter’s plate appearance:

Someone in Commissioner Selig’s office forgot to alert Wainwright that #ThisTimeItCounts. If the Cardinals return to the World Series, the American League triumph in Target Field earlier this evening means St. Louis again won’t have home-field advantage.

Anyway, there’s a precedent for this sort of behavior. For example, Denny McLain and his catcher, Jim Price, conspired to groove pitches to Mickey Mantle in Tiger Stadium at the end of the center fielder’s Hall of Fame career.

More importantly: Am I the only one who had never heard the term “pipe shot” until earlier this evening? Nope, even Urban Dictionary doesn’t recognize the moniker.

UPDATE: In an in-game interview with Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews, Wainwright awkwardly attempted to walk back his comments, saying they were “taken the wrong way.” Um, okay . . .

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