Lane’s First Start: Better (Way) Late Than Never

by Jason Epstein

Via Ted Berg of USA Today’s For the Win, 37-year-old Jason Lane made his big-league pitching debut for the Padres yesterday in Atlanta and made quite an impression:

Baseball fans with good memories may remember an outfielder named Jason Lane who played for the Astros in the middle part of the last decade. This isn’t a Adam Eaton/Mike Stanton/Chris Young situation: It’s the same dude.

Lane hit 26 home runs as a regular outfielder in Houston in 2005, then collapsed offensively in 2006 and 2007. He made the rounds in Class AAA ball until 2012, when he began his transition to the mound. …

Working with a fastball around 90 mph and an effective slider, Lane held the Braves to one run on six hits over six innings on Monday but left the game losing 1–0 because he plays for the Padres.

The lone run Lane allowed — a homer to Braves catcher Evan Gattis — raised his career Major League ERA to 0.87.

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