UFC Fighter Leaves California to Fight with the IDF in Gaza

by Greg Pollowitz

Via Rappler:

Noad Lahat, an Israeli mixed martial arts fighter who is currently competing under the banner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has decided to put his prizefighting career on hold to rejoin the Israel Defense Forces in the conflict with Hamas militants at the Gaza strip.

A military life has long been a part of the Lahat family as his parents were former generals, while Noad served three-and-a-half years in the paratroopers’ brigade of the Israeli armed forces.

In addition, his older brother and sister took part in the military service as well, and his younger sibling is expected to do same in the near future.

A sequence of back-and-forth incidents involving unsuccessful peace negotiations, the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers, and the death of a Palestinian youngster led to the recent spark in the unending crisis.

Although the Israeli government does not compel its citizens who are outside the country like Lahat to return and serve, the 30-year-old native of Samaria, Israel affirmed that he is determined to temporarily hang up his four-ounce gloves to defend his nation.

“I’m having fun here, but I’ll have nowhere to go back home if I don’t go there. If me and my friends, my brothers-in-arms, won’t go to defend my country, we’ll have nowhere to go. It’s something I really don’t want to do. I want to stay here and enjoy the rest of the week after two tough months, but I have to go. Otherwise, I’m not going to have a home,” he said in his post-fight interview after beating Steven Siler via unanimous decision at UFC on FOX 12 over the weekend.

Lahat also shared that while in the United States preparing for his three-round tussle against Siler, his family was fighting for survival amidst the latest round of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which had weighed heavily both on his heart and mind as he tried to focus on the bout.

“My mom and dad have 15 seconds to run to get shelter when missiles are falling on them and I’m here in sunny California. I love California, but I need to go and defend my home. As a combat soldier, there’s nothing I want more in the world than peace. I don’t want to see my younger brother go in the army. I don’t want to see me and my other brother going back home on Sunday. I don’t want to see more killing and more blood the only blood should be in the Octagon,” he stated.

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