Hipster Night at Wrigley: Go Before It Gets Cool

by Jason Epstein

From The Heckler via Baseball Think Factory, are the Cubs going after a super-annoying coveted demographic?

The Red Eye has reported that in an effort to expand the team’s fan base after another miserable season, the Chicago Cubs have designated Saturday, August 9th against the Tampa Bay Rays as Hipster Night.​ . . .

The Cubs have received a special permit, and game time will start around 1AM. Iceage will sing the national anthem, unless they gain any ounce of popularity in the interim. Zooey Deschanel will throw out the first pitch.

Hot dogs, pretzels and cotton candy will be retired for the day as kimchi, kale chips and vegan cookies will be served with a cup of tea.

The Cubs will wear their throwback uniforms from the twenties, but will wear beanies instead of caps to commemorate the night. The art zine, 1/2, will be sold in lieu of programs. The seventh inning stretch will be replaced by a discussion about Charles Bukowski.

Reached for his thoughts on Bukowski, Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro just stared blankly, confused.

The “article” also reports that only cans of PBR will be available for thirsty adult fans.

One BBTF commenter was quick to note: “I knew about ‘Hipster Night’ before it was cool. You probably don’t even know who the Cubs are.”

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