Big Donkey Takes the Mound, Other Weird Stuff

by Jason Epstein

Okay, why was David Murphy not permitted to return to third base on the play above, considering that it was someone in the Reds bullpen, an area that’s gated (i.e., not Wrigley Field), who was responsible for the loose ball?

Apparently, the umpires don’t have the discretion in this situation to rule interference. According to Paul Hoynes of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, “The rulebook says a dead ball cannot be called unless a player or umpire is injured or the lights go out at the ballpark.” (Hmmm, this doesn’t sound kosher. After all, what’s to prevent a teams from “accidentally” tossing balls on the field during a play in order to confuse a runner or defender?)

Meanwhile, Adam Dunn took the mound in the ninth inning with his team down by two touchdowns, a two-point conversion, and an extra point (15). I don’t know, but watching the Big Donkey go through that windup looks rather disconcerting.

Wait, this makes me even more uncomfortable. Way more uncomfortable. . .

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