OCTOBER 24, 2003: Three Concorde SST jets land at Heathrow Airport in London, marking the final flights of the world’s first supersonic passenger jet. Landing that day was a special flight from New York, a flight from Edinburgh carrying contest winners, and a third that had departed Heathrow earlier for a special flight over the Bay of Biscay. A joint venture between aircraft makers in Great Britain and France, the Concorde inaugurated regular service in 1976, carrying between 90 and 120 passengers at speeds of up to of Mach 2.04, which turned the London-New York flight into a quick three-hour jaunt. A total of 14 of the unique delta-wing aircraft were built and flown by Air France and British Airways for nearly three decades. But while the aircraft was a technological marvel, rising operating costs and noise restrictions led to mounting financial losses and ultimately to the Concorde’s retirement.