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Sony Photography Awards

ARTS & CULTURE: The World Photography Organization has announced the finalists for the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards. Here’s a look at some of this year’s finalist entries in the professional Arts & Culture category. Pictured, photographer Chloe Bartram explores the girl culture of Australian beauty pageants.
Uploaded: Feb. 10, 2014


Brazil's Agony of Defeat
Jul. 9, 2014
The hopes of millions of Brazilian soccer fans were crushed on Tuesday as Germany bested the host country in decisive fashion, 7-1, turning the thrill of earlier victory into the agony of defeat. Here’s a look at some of the sad faces on Tuesday, and some fairly merciful mockery on social media.
Brazil has a proud history on the pitch. The national team has not lost in a World Cup game on its home turf since 1975, and Brazil has five World Cup trophies on the national shelf.
Germany’s lopsided 7-1 victory is the biggest in World Cup history. The onslaught began in the first period, when the team scored five goals in just 18 minutes. A late goal by Brazil prevented a complete shut-out, but was little consolation.
For German fans, the victory avenges a 2-0 defeat at the hands of Brazil in the 2002 World Cup final.
The blowout set records in social media as well, with some 35.6 million tweets, easily besting reactions to the Super Bowl earlier this year. At one point after Germany’s fifth goal, Twitter was seeing more than 580,000 tweets per minute.
Germany will face the winner of today’s match between the Netherlands and Argentina for the World Cup championship. Brazil will compete for a third-place finish.
The agony of Brazil's supporters was immediate and heartbreaking.
Four more years...
CARTOON REMATCH: No sports score or political event goes unnoticed by the snarkier residents of social media, with Photoshop riffs on Brazil's loss hitting the Interwebs in short order. Here's a sample. (Image via
(Image via Genius Football, @GeniusFootball)
"Post-match interview with Brazil manager Luiz Felipe Scolari." (Not David Warner, @notdavidwarner)
"Argentina and Netherlands after watching German vs Brazil game" (mannschaft, @iatemuggles)
"Angela the Victorius" (Auskar Surbakti, @AuskarSurbakti)
"#Jesus wept.." (Auskar Surbakti, @AuskarSurbakti)
(Image via Sportschau, @sportschau)
"7-1??? Well that's a sufficiently awkward WC semi final" (Ashleigh Nelson, @nelson_ashleigh)
"After tonight I can finally reveal the origin of the world cup 2014 logo!" (Terry Conor, @TerryibleConnor)
Cartoon of the Day
Jul. 9, 2014
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Photoshop of the Day
Jul. 9, 2014
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Operation Protective Edge
Jul. 8, 2014
The Israel Defense Force has launched Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip and elsewhere to combat a wave of rocket strikes and other attacks by Hamas. Here’s a look at the operation and some of the weapons involved, including the Iron Dome.
The current conflict follows the brutal kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers and the reprisal killing of a Palestinian youth. In the aftermath, numerous clashes broke out in Palestinian areas, wiht some concerned another intifada may be looming. Pictured, Palestinian youths clash with Israeli security forces in East Jerusalem.
The chief danger from Hamas forces is rocket attacks. Since the beginning of the year, Hamas has launched more than 450 rockets at Israeli cities, and attacks have intensified in the past month. Pictured, the aftermath of a Hamas rocket strike in Sderot.
The IDF has used social media to inform Israeli citizens about the danger of rocket attacks and the ongoing operation. (Image via IDF Twitter)
(Image via IDF Twitter)
(Image via IDF Twitter)
(Image via IDF Twitter)
On July 9, the IDF reported that while 29 Hamas rockets had been intercepted, 117 got through (thought not necessarily hitting their target). One rocket struck Jerusalem. (Image via IDF Twitter)
PROTECTIVE EDGE: To combat the renewed campaign of rocket attacks the IDF launched Operation Protective Edge, which includes a call-up of some 40,000 reserves. (Image via IDF Twitter)
Some 100 Israeli airstrikes have relentlessly targeted Hamas militants in the opening stages of the operation, according to the Jerusalem Post. Pictured, an IDF strike in Gaza.
Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has obtained approval for possible ground operations in Gaza, telling reporters on Tuesday that the time has come to "take off the gloves" against Hamas.
An IDF Apache gunship sends a missile towards a target on the ground.
Smoke rises from more airstrikes against targets in Gaza.
Four columns of smoke rise from the aftermath of an airstrike that targeted a tunnel used by Hamas militants.
A crater on the ground in Gaza in the aftermath of an IDF airstrike.
IRON DOME: On the front lines of Operation Protective Edge is the Iron Dome missile defense system. First deployed in early 2011, Iron Dome consists of a radar station, weapons control unit, and the missile launcher. Pictured, an Iron Dome battery near Ashdod.
Iron Dome’s radar detects an incoming enemy rocket, determines its trajectory and target, and quickly plots an intercept course. Pictured, a closer view of the Iron Dome missile launch battery.
Not every incoming rocket is targeted; those that are determined to be headed towards unpopulated areas are let through — few if any Hamas rockets are guided, and are more like mortar shells — leaving the Iron Dome system to concentrate on those that pose the most danger.
An Iron Dome missile finds its target in the skis over Israel.
Merkava tanks assemble at a staging area outside of Gaza. The Merkava is the main battle tank of the Israeli Defense Forces.
First deployed in 1979, the Merkava (Hebrew for “chariot”) has gone through four main versions, with the Mk IV entering service in 2003. The Merkava is a robust and battle-tested weapon system, featuring heavy crew protection and superior speed and maneuverability. (Photo: IDF)
IDF soldiers gather outside of the Gaza Strip.
A column of IDF armored personnel carriers outside Sderot.
USS Vella Gulf
Jul. 8, 2014
Though the Ukraine crisis has mostly ebbed from the headlines, the U.S. is still flying the colors in the region as a show of resolve for its NATO allies and a clear message to Russian president Vladimir Putin. In the latest deployment, the USS Vella Gulf arrived in the Black Sea earlier this week. Here’s a look.
The Vella Gulf entered the Black Sea on Monday for a new round of joint exercises dubbed Sea Breeze, joining six other NATO vessels from the British, Italian, Turkish, and Greek navies. Pictured, Vella Gulf transits the Bosphorus Strait on June 12. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Third Class Edward Guttierrez)
The Italian frigate ITS Averie is among the NATO vessels taking part in the Sea Breeze exercises.
The NATO exercises coincide with large-scale maneuvers by Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, representing some 20 warships operating out of ports at Sevastopol in Crimea and Novorossiysk in Russia. Pictured, the guided-missile cruiser Moskva, part of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.
“MOVE SWIFTLY, STRIKE VIGOROUSLY”: Commissioned in 1983 and attached to Carrier Strike Group Eight, USS Vella Gulf is a Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser named after the Battle of Vella Gulf in WWII. The ship’s home port is at Norfolk, Va. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Second Class Jason R. Zalasky)
Vella Gulf’s motto — “Move Swiftly, Strike Vigorously” — is taken from a maxim of Confederate General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. (Photo: Petty Officer Second Class Greg Mitchell)
At 567 feet in length with a beam of 55 feet, Vella Gulf displaces around 9,600 tons fully loaded. (Photo: US Navy)
The ship’s standard crew complement includes 30 officers and 320 enlisted crew persons. Pictured, sailors man the bridge of Vella Gulf. (Photo: Operations Specialist Seaman Andrew L. Clark)
Vella Gulf’s main offensive punch comes from two MK-41 vertical-launch systems which can fire Tomahawk cruise missiles. The ship is also equipped with MK-46 torpedoes and anti-submarine rockets. (Photo: US Navy)
Vella Gulf is also equipped with the Aegis system, a computerized command and control system for the ship’s offensive and defensive systems that integrates the ship’s radar and other sensors with its weapons systems to track and destroy targets and incoming threats. (Photo: Chief Petty Officer Daniel Taylor)
Two MK-45 5-inch main guns, one on the bow (pictured) and one on the stern, give the ship an added punch (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Edward Guttierrez)
The stern MK-45 gun fires off a round. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Edward Guttierrez)
For close-in defense, Vella Gulf is equipped with two Vulcan PHALANX guns capable of shooting down incoming aircraft and anti-ship missiles. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Edward Guttierrez)
To aid in anti-submarine operations, Vella Gulf can carry two SH-60 Seahawk helicopters equipped with the LAMPS III system. (Photo: Seaman Chad R. Erdmann)
ABOARD VELLA GULF: Here's a look at the crew at work during recent deployments. Pictured, Boatswain's Mate Second Class Adam Wendt signals to the pilot of an SH-60B Sea Hawk with Vipers of Helicopter Anti-submarine Squadron HSM-48 (the “Vipers”) on the flight deck. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Edward Guttierrez)
Sailors handle mooring lines while docking in Naval Support Activity Souda Bay. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Brian Glunt)
Sailors aboard Vella Gulf participate in helicopter crash and salvage training on the ship's flight deck. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Third Class Edward Guttierrez III)
Gunner's Mate Seaman Frank Bassett mans an M240B machine gun as the Vella Gulf approaches the Bosphorus Strait on June 12. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Third Class Edward Guttierrez III)
Ensign Molly Crowell fires a .50-caliber machine gun during a live-fire exercise. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Edward Guttierrez III)
Lieutenant Commander Devine Johnson monitors nearby surface contacts as the Vella Gulf transits the Black Sea. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Edward Guttierrez III)
Ensign Tyler Narby uses a pelorus to mark the bearing of Vella Gulf. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Third Class Edward Guttierrez III)
Boatswain's Mate Seaman Christian Peart stands the helmsman watch on the bridge Vella Gulf underway in the Mediterranean Sea. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Edward Guttierrez III)
Ensign James Smith plots a course on the bridge of Vella Gulf. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Edward Guttierrez III)
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (at left) speaks with Capt. Robert Katz, commanding officer of USS Vella Gulf during a recent visit to the ship. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Third Class Edward Guttierrez III)
Meme Watch: Immigration
Jul. 8, 2014
As the border crisis continues to grow, anger over illegal immigration rages on social media, where criticism of the Obama administration and the Democrats is as strong as ever. Here’s a sampling of recent Photoshop commentary on the topic. (Image via Facebook/RightWingRantsRaves)
The showdown in Murietta, Calif., over federal attempts to bring in busloads of illegal immigrants shows that ordinary Americans are beginning to stand up. (Image via Joseph (Joe) M Ryan, @JosepgMRyan1)
Fight the power. (Image via Facebook/Breitbart One Silenced Millions Awakened)
The craven political posturing of the Democratic party also comes in for whithering crossfire. (Image via
"Democrats boo God at their DNC but now invoke God's name into the immigration debacle they created" (Fred Wimpy, @fredwimpy)
"It's a very bad day in America when Government prioritizes illegal immigrants over Veterans that served our Republic" (Fred Wimpy, @fredwimpy)
Remember, every dollar the goverment spends is YOUR money. (Image via Facebook/OccupyThis2012)
The difference between a dream... and a nightmare. (Image via Facebook/Breitbart One Silenced Millions Awakened)
Fences make good neighbors. (Image via Facebook/OccupyThis2012)
TPTB are conveniently MIA. (Image via Facebook/RightWingRantsRaves)
It once was a nation of laws. (Image via Carl Quance, @CinderellaMan2)
(Image via Joseph (Joe) M Ryan, @JosepgMRyan1)
Yup, it's a national security issue. (Image via Facebook/Breitbart One Silenced Millions Awakened)
"Why isn't the whole @TheDemocrats party taking illegal kids home? They brought them here & dumped them in hell" (OrgConservAmericans, @OCAmericans)
Woemn must control their own bodies. Nations, apparently, must not control their own borders. (Image via Facebook/Liberals-taste-like-Chicken)
"Remember when Democrats thought it was important to return Hispanic children to their parents"? (Stuart, @Ringo6)
An inconvient truth. (Image via Facebook/RightWingRantsRaves)
Why insist on IDs when citizenship status has been so cheapened? (Image via
Another hidden gem in the Obamacare rulebook. (Image via Facebook/Breitbart One Silenced Millions Awakened)
"To faithfully execute the office of President of the United States..." (Image via Facebook/RightWingRantsRaves)
Meme Watch: #IStandWithHolly
Jul. 7, 2014
A Charleston, W.V ., Army wife and mother of three found herself on the front lines of the culture war over Obamacare, gun rights, and the so-called “War on Women” — and she’s not backing down one little bit. Here’s a look at Holly Fisher and the Holly Hobby Lobby meme.
Fisher first gained the attention of the political blogosphere in June when she took to Twitter to complain about diminished coverage for her children under an Obamacare-compliant plan. Wrote Fisher with this picture: “Thanks, @BarackObama, for causing her to lose her cardiologist. Her name is Norah, not that you care.”
But it was this so-called “hat-trick” photo on July 1 of Fisher — standing in front of a Hobby Lobby wearing a “Pro Life” shirt and holding a Chick-fil-A — that really sent Lefites into conniptions. Fisher’s message to her critics was short and to the point: “ATTENTION LIBERALS: do NOT look at this picture. Your head will most likely explode.”
The original picture along with some friendly Photoshop enhancements quickly spread on Twitter and Facebook, gathering thousands of likes and a torrent of comments both for and against.
Fisher then doubled down on her critics, posting this picture on her Twitter page Holly Hobby Lobby on Independence Day, writing: “Biggest complaint I’m getting about my #HobbyLobby pic is there’s no gun, bible, or flag. Tried to make up for it.”
Left-wing bile towards Fisher ranged from coarse at best to foul and bigoted against Christians and pro-gun America. The attacks reached a crescendo with variations on this graphic, which tried to draw moral comparisons between Fisher and a known Islamic terrorist with ties to al-Qaeda.
Slate Magazine referred to Fisher as “a right-wing online agitator.” And even though they admitted that Fisher isn’t a suicide bomber, their story still warns about the “potential consequences of aggressive national pride.”
Twitter user GuardAmerican (@GuardAmerican) offered this piece of advice for those who intentionally have trouble making obvious distinctions.
Another user offered a similar sentiment. (Image via Alex, @Alex_@2nd)
HIT BACK TWICE AS HARD: Throughout the past few weeks, Fisher has pushed back against her attackers, gleefully retweeting the mockery (and sometimes threats) sent her way and upping the ante with more images of herself as an unapologetic conservative and gun owner.
Responding directly to some particularly threatening comments from a Twitter user who expressed a desire to stone her to death and have her raped, Wilson tweeted this shot and the message: “@PatKasprik yeah, you’re welcome to try and kill me and have me raped. Warning: I’ll have my rape whistle.”
“This thing is AWESOME!” (@HollyRFisher)
"Jihad Barbie. That means they think I'm pretty, right"? (@HollyRFisher)
"FINALLY, someone fixed it ;)" (@HollyRFisher)
“Oh no, more fat jokes. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m having Doritos and freedom for breakfast.” (@HollyRFisher)
“Guess what I’m doing today.” (@HollyRFisher)
Fisher with a selection of conservative-themed tee-shirts.
“Who says conservative women aren’t strong? I can curl twice as much weight as the leader of the free world!” (@HollyRFisher)
“Several ppl asking what exactly is #HobbyLobby … here are just a FEW of my HL items! I could buy the entire store.” (@HollyRFisher)
“Libs told me to lay off Chick-fil-A because it’s making be fat … so I went back for breakfast. Got diet Coke though!” (@HollyRFisher)
“Ignorance at its finest. @DLoesch will like this.” (@HollyRFisher)
“Having lunch w/strong, amazing, GOP women! Who’s ready for @RepShelley to turn a US Senate seat red?!” (@HollyRFisher)
Challenged to wear a Redskins jersey, Fisher offered up this image: "Best I can do today." (@HollyRFisher)
STAND WITH HOLLY: Supporters also rallied to Fisher’s defense on the hashtag @IStandWithHolly, expressing their sentiments about the intolerant Lefties who attacked her. User CounterMoonbat tweeted this picture with the message: “ #IStandWithHolly because the alternative is standing with chicks like this.”
"I Hope @HollyRFisher Runs For President Or Congress Someday Washington Could Use People Like Her! #IStandWithHolly" (James Nathanial, @JamesNathaniel7)
"*tugs collar* Is it getting hot in here, or is it just @HollyRFisher & @DLoesch?!" (Loud Mouth, @jflysocal)
Revolutionary Flags
Jul. 4, 2014
Old Glory gets her day in the spotlight on July 4 as Americans celebrate Independence Day with a million flags unfurled. Here’s a look back at some of the other flags that flew during the American revolutionary era. Pictured here, the Grand Union Flag.
The American Revolution was filled with flags flown by both patriots and soldiers. This 1885 textbook illustration shows the most well-known players.
Join or Die: Benjamin Franklin originally created the iconic snake image as a political cartoon in 1754 to rally the colonies together during the French and Indian War. By 1775 — with Franklin now a member of the Pennsylvania delegation to the Continental Congress — it proved a popular and powerful message of unity in the cause of separation from British rule.
Gadsden Flag: The Gadsden flag and its iconic motto “Don’t Tread on Me” was invented by its namesake, Christopher Gadsden, a leader of the South Carolina Patriot movement, member of the Charleston chapter of the Sons of Liberty, and a delegate to the first two Continental Congresses. The flag was also flown by the forebearers of the U.S. Marine Corps.
The Gadsden Flag recently has seen a rebirth of popularity among Tea Party members, who embrace it’s antiauthoritarian animus in protesting against the encroachments of an oversized central government.
Pine Tree Flag: The pine tree had been used on various flags in the New England region before it appeared on flags flown by six schooners outfitted by George Washington in 1775. The phrase “Appeal to Heaven” — sometimes written as “Appeal to God” — is a reference to the right of revolution described by John Locke. The appearance of the tree and placement of the words varies.
Sons of Liberty Flag: The secret society instrumental in guiding the independence movement adopted a flag with nine vertical stripes — presumably representing the Loyal Nine who had agitated against the Stamp Act, and also known as the Liberty Flag — and changed it to 13 horizontal stripes after the Boston Tea Party in 1773.
Grand Union Flag: Also known as the Congress Flag and the Continental Colors, this flag had 13 stripes representing the colonies but included the British flag instead of a blue field with stars. It was under this flag, and not Betsy Ross’s famous creation, that the Continental Congress met and that flew over George Washington’s troops during the war.
Lieutenant John Paul Jones is credited with first hoisting the Grand Union flag aboard USS Alfred. The flag few on Continental Navy ships throughout the war. Pictured, a Grand Union Flag flies over the Continental Navy ship Columbus (with a captured British vessel alongside) in 1776. (W. Nowland Van Powell, Naval Historical Center)
The Grand Union Flag is raised by order of General George Washington on January 1, 1776, on the strategically-located Prospect Hill in Charlestown, Mass., in this painting by Clyde O. DeLand. Some historians dispute that Prospect Hill was the actual site of the first unfurling.
Navy Jack: The image of a snake and the "Don't Tread on Me" motto also appears on the First Navy Jack, flown by the Continental Navy in 1775. In 2002, the U.S. Navy began flying the First Navy Jack in place of the Union Jack on all Navy vessels for the duration of the war on terror. Pictured, raising the Navy Jack is raised aboard USS Kitty Hawk.
Airman Justin Frisbie hoists the Navy jack on the flight deck of USS John C. Stennis, April 2013. (Photo: Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Apprentice Ignacio D. Perez)
The Navy Jack is also seen on some Naval uniforms. In the fall of 2013 reports spread that the Navy was no longer allowing SEAL personnel to wear the First Navy Jack insignia, but the Navy confirmed that the symbol was not banned (though this may have been backpedaling in response to intense criticism).
Bunker Hill Flag: Perhaps befitting the flag of a battle popularly known for one hill when it was mostly fought on another, the exact colors of the Bunker Hill flag are in some dispute, though all used a similar pine tree image.
Artist John Trumbull depicted the Bunker Hill Flag with a blue field (upper left) in The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker Hill, but some accounts depict a red field.
Betsy Ross Flag: Ross remains the central figure in the traditional history of the American flag, but there is little documentary evidence to prove this version, which became popular only a century after the fact. What we call the Betsy Ross Flag was one of many designs based on a general request from the Continental Congress. Most accounts credit Ross with the five-point star design.
Betsy Ross, 1777 by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (Library of Congress)
The Birth of Old Glory by Edward Percy Moran (Library of Congress)
Old Glory: Used now to denote every American flag, the first “Old Glory” was owned by Captain William Driver, who displayed it on two round-the-world voyages. Originally produced in 1824 with 24 stars of the Union, it was remade with 34 stars in 1861. Driver hid the flag inside a quilt during the Civil War, and unfurled it again when Union troops reoccupied Nashville.
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