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Obama, Playing the Abortion Card in Virginia’s Suburbs


The Virginia Virtucon finds the Obama campaign advertising on the issue of abortion in Prince William County.

In 2009, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds hammered his Republican opponent, Bob McDonnell, over an allegedly extreme thesis and allegedly extreme socially conservative views. The abortion issue was a centerpiece of that attack:

In the Washington suburbs, he is motivating the Democratic masses by attacking McDonnell’s antiabortion record and highlighting the Republican’s past writings that were critical of working mothers, gays and “fornicators,” an approach that could backfire at home, said David Reynolds, a newspaper columnist from Lexington, Va., about 42 miles east of Covington.

And McDonnell won, 59 percent to 41 percent — both in Prince William County and statewide.

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Live by the YouTube Clip, Die by the YouTube Clip



THE DNC today opens an “iReport” for politics — a website that a party official says will be “devoted to citizens uploading content from political events, including audio and video — a central resource to hold Republicans accountable for misleading claims, lies, and unseemly behavior . . . We can’t afford to depend on the media or campaign trackers to be present and capture every extreme position taken, . . . so this site . . . will increase the number of people out there who with nothing more than a smart phone at hand can hold Republicans accountable.”

Good idea, fellows. You never know when you’ll see something like this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or this:

Or this:

You get the idea . . .

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Hey, Creigh, You’re Not Busy . . .


Virginia’s 6th congressional district is a fairly Republican one – Cook Partisan Voting Index score of R+12 – but not monolithically so; the Democrats’ last gubernatorial candidate, Creigh Deeds, represents a community in this district.

Yet the Democrats couldn’t find anyone to run against Rep. Bob Goodlatte.

“We looked and sought candidates all over the place, but just could not find anybody that’s willing to take on the job,” said 6th Congressional District Democratic Committee Chairwoman Linda Wyatt. “We’ve just not found anybody who wants to step up to the plate right now.”

Well, there’s always Deeds. Last year, in the governor’s race, he won . . . oh. All of 33.3 percent of the vote in this district.

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