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Obama’s Unenthusiastic Second Inaugural Weekend


I suppose any second-term inauguration faces the issue of diminished enthusiasm and excitement, but the contrast between the upcoming inauguration festivities and 2009 is pretty striking. Campaign Spot reader Bruce notices this passage in an Ad Age article about Audi’s lack of interest in sponsoring events this time:

Today, though, “it’s just a different climate,” [Loren] Angelo, [general manager-brand marketing at Audi] said. For one thing, there’s not as much excitement around the promise of change as there was the first time, and for another the economic environment is such that there’s not. “We see Obama pulling back on elements of the inauguration,” he noted, pointing out that even the president himself isn’t indulging in much of the celebration there was the last time around. The President is expected to hold one consolidated ball Jan. 21 that replaces nearly a dozen separate events held in the past.

Audi doesn’t seem to be alone in feeling like Monday will bring less excitement with it than the event did four years ago. Hotels are still trying to unload the many open rooms in the city, and it’s not a good sign that tickets to the Green Inaugural Ball, a black-tie event with and the EPA, are being hawked for a discounted price on Groupon. So far the majority of marketing tied to the event is around bar specials, such as Cityscape’s “O-Bama-Tini” cocktails, and travel packages, like the Madison Hotel’s push that partners with Brooks Brothers for a shopping spree and offers a “social-media butler” to document the event.

I understand the “O-Bama-Tini” costs more than you think and leaves you with a really intense hangover.

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The Post-Akin GOP Outlook for the Senate . . . Doesn’t Look That Bad!


Argh. What are the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and grassroots Republicans and conservatives, supposed to do, now that Todd Akin has exponentially complicated the effort to defeat Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri, and win the three (or four, if Romney doesn’t win) seats needed to take over the Senate?

All they have is Nebraska, where state senator Deb Fischer holds an 18-point lead over Democrat Bob Kerrey in a seat where incumbent Democrat Ben Nelson is retiring, and North Dakota, where Rick Berg is up 9 on in a seat where incumbent Democrat Kent Conrad is retiring . . .

and Montana, where Rep. Denny Rehberg has a small but consistent lead over incumbent Jon Tester . . .

and Wisconsin, where Tommy Thompson has an increasing lead over Tammy Baldwin to fill the Senate seat occupied by the retiring Herb Kohl . . .

. . . but they have to make up the likely loss in Maine, where either a Democrat or a Democratic-leaning independent is likely to replace Sen. Olympia Snowe . . . and they need to keep Sen. Scott Brown in office in Massachusetts, where the latest poll has him . . . er, only up by 5 . . .

. . . and they have to hold Indiana in a presidential year, when Rasmussen has Republican Richard Mourdock slightly ahead . . . and make sure that Sen. Dean Heller keeps his consistent lead in Nevada . . .

and . . . hey, wait a minute . . . Connie Mack looks pretty competitive against incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson in Florida . . . George Allen remains neck-and-neck with Tim Kaine in Virginia . . .

. . . what’s this? Could incumbent Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown really be tied with GOP challenger Josh Mandel in Ohio, as Rasmussen suggests? And what’s this eye-popping suggestion that in Connecticut, “former wrestling executive Linda McMahon holds a narrow lead over Democratic Congressman Chris Murphy in Rasmussen Reports’ first look at Connecticut’s U.S. Senate race. A new telephone survey of Likely Voters in Connecticut shows McMahon with 49 percent of the vote to Murphy’s 46 percent . . .”

Gee, suddenly the outlook for Republicans in the Senate races doesn’t look so bad anymore, does it?

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