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Oh, Those Always-Reassuring Internal Polls...


Spot the result pitting New Mexico gubernatorial candidates Suzana Martinez (the Republican) and Diane Denish (the Democrat) that is a poll from a Democratic firm:


Martinez by 11.

Martinez by 6. 

Martinez by 5.

My skepticism of a partisan firm’s poll is directly proportional to how badly their preferred campaign needs the good news it brings.

The poll showing a tie comes from Democratic firm Third Eye Strategies. With that name, I figured they were located somewhere near the radioactive Trinity test site in New Mexico, but they’re a Virginia firm.

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Oh Susana, You’re Up by 10 in New Mexico


Not only is it looking like New Mexico will soon have a GOP governor, it may end up not being that close:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez’s lead over Democrat Diane Denish has grown to 10 points, and Martinez has also reached the all-important 50 percent threshold, according to a new poll conducted for her campaign. The poll, conducted Sept. 11-13, had Martinez leading 50 percent to 40 percent. The survey of 600 likely voters has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points. The poll was conducted by the GOP firm Public Opinion Strategies. You can read the polling memo here.

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Susana Martinez Brings Us Perhaps the Best Ad of This Cycle.


This might be the best ad of the year.

Nothing flashy, no fancy graphics, no Demonsheeps or folksy Alabamans on a horse. Just pointing out one really key fact that Susana Martinez’s rival, Democrat Diane Denish, failed to mention in her last ad. With one unbelievable unforced error, the Denish campaign just nuked their own credibility.

Upon watching it, you do not merely want to vote for Martinez; you begin to suspect you wouldn’t want to allow any Diane Denish campaign worker into your home.

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I’ll Bet the New Mexico GOP Hopes Bill Richardson Attends a Lot of Rallies


Looking at some new polls out of New Mexico… if Republican Suzanna Martinez leads the gubernatorial race over Democrat Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, 45 percent to 39 percent, then neither Rep. Martin Heinrich nor Rep. Harry Teague should feel all that great about narrow leads (6 points and 3 points, respectively) over their GOP challengers.

The poll finds Gov. Bill Richardson’s approval rating at… 33 percent.

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Susana Martinez Had a Pretty Darn Good June


The bad news for Susana Martinez, the Republican candidate for governor of New Mexico, is that she’s way behind her Democratic opponent, Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, in campaign cash — about $300,0000 to $2.2 million as of June 25.

The good news for her is that the trend is her friend:

Martinez accelerated her fundraising after becoming the nominee and collected three times more money than Denish during the monthlong financial reporting period, which covers May 26 through June 25. Martinez received $611,247 in contributions, with all but about $15,000 of that received after the June 1 primary. Denish raised $187,629.

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Oh Susana, You’re Leading This Poll in New Mexico


Yesterday I mentioned a pollster out of Roswell, New Mexico, who put Susana Martinez ahead in that state’s GOP gubernatorial primary.

For what it’s worth, SurveyUSA puts her ahead of the likely Democratic nominee, Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, 49 percent to 43 percent. No other Republican leads.

New Mexico has been a particularly tough state for Republicans in recent cycles; in 2006, Bill Richardson won reelection 69 percent to 31 percent, and in 2008, they elected their first all-Democratic congressional delegation since 1968. But perhaps the state’s voters are tiring of what they’re getting.

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