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That Bachmann Seat Is Looking Pretty Safe for the GOP Now


When Representative Michele Bachmann (R., Minn.) announced she wouldn’t run for reelection, the Democrats’ past challenger, businessman Jim Graves, announced he wouldn’t run in 2014.

Since then, Democrats have found one candidate . . . probably not quite what Bachmann’s fiercest critics were looking for:

Judy Adams said Monday she will seek the DFL endorsement in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District.

Adams, who calls herself “the lead-prevention lady,” hasn’t run for or held elected office. She says she works as a painter and lead remodeler and has used her expertise on those issues to lobby Minnesota legislators to improve state lead laws. Now Adams says she’d like to advance that cause, as well as the cause of small businesses, as a member of Congress.

Adams says she doesn’t believe the DFL is conservative enough on many issues, but she isn’t interested in running as a Republican.

If nominated, “Lead Prevention Lady” will take on former state representative Tom Emmer, state senator John Pederson, or Anoka County commissioner Rhonda Sivarajah. Emmer just announced that his campaign for Congress in Minnesota’s sixth district took in more than $220,000.

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