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No, We Don’t Need Museum Exhibits on Senators Running for Reelection


This sort of thing isn’t kosher, whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat incumbent doing it:

The Tennessee State Museum has postponed a big exhibit featuring U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander after questions raised by NewsChannel 5 Investigates.
The taxpayer-supported museum had been working with Alexander’s campaign on an exhibit that would travel across the state — while the senator was running for re-election.
After NewsChannel 5 Investigates requested e-mails from the state museum, officials abruptly postponed the exhibit until after next year’s election.

That’s the good news. That bad news is, “Officials with the Tennessee State Museum said they still plan  to tour the exhibit after the election is over.” Come on. I’m sure Alexander is swell and all, but Tennesee must have something else in its history more deserving of an exhibit than an incumbent senator. If you absolutely must put on that exhibit, do it when he retires.

So if the Tennessee State Museum can figure out that it’s inappropriate to turn itself into a partisan instituion, openly celebrating a particular official running for reelection, why can’t NBC figure that out about their Hillary Clinton movie?

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Sen. Alexander: I’m In for 2014, and Ready to Fight


“Hi, I’m Senator Lamar Alexander, and I really don’t want a Tea Party challenger in my primary in 2014.”

His fellow GOP senator from Tennessee, Bob Corker, managed to avoid a Tea Party challenger in this just-completed cycle.

Alexander said the early announcement “is designed to make sure that dust doesn’t get kicked up for the next election. I’ve run enough to know that you don’t take any election for granted.” He said it sends a signal that a potential challenger “is going to have a fight on their hands . . .  I’m running, running hard. I have the support of significant leaders in the party.” . . .

Alexander also indicated — as Corker did last week — that he’s willing to consider tax increases to help pay down the nation’s debt if it’s mixed with substantial spending cuts. “Almost every Republican in Washington whose in a leadership position has told the President, ‘Mr. President, if you will restrain entitlements, if you’ll get this runaway spending under control that’s bankrupting the country, we’ll hold our nose and raise some revenues and use them to help reduce the debt.’”

Corker won re-election last month with 65 percent of the vote, at the same time Tennessee favored Republican Mitt Romney 59 percent to 39 percent over President Obama.

Corker had a primary, but none of his four rivals had any name recognition, and none of the grassroots conservative groups that supported challengers to Dick Lugar and Orrin Hatch got involved in the Tennessee primary.

Alexander has a lifetime ACU rating of 78.67.

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