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All Lee Fisher Parade Volunteer Estimates Have a Margin of Error of +/- 48.


Elsewhere in Ohio, the campaign of Republican Senate candidate Rob Portman is amused by the turnout for candidates at the Fourth of July parades. They catch Democrat Lee Fisher declaring, via Twitter that he had 50 or even more volunteers marching in the Northland, Ohio, parade, and check the video to estimate a total closer to . . . two.

I would note that as amusing as this is, I’m not sure whether it reflects that no one wanted to march with Lee Fisher or whether it reflects a broader midsummer exhaustion with politics among the electorate. We’ve just endured a two-year presidential campaign, the birth of the tea parties, the angry town halls of last summer, the ridiculous process of health care from late last fall and this winter and spring, the Scott Brown earthquake . . . and everyone knows this fall will feature one of the most intense and broadly-fought midterm elections in recent memory. People may need a breather from intense political fights during the dog days of summer . . .

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Rob Portman Doesn’t Count on Rosy Economic Scenarios


Health care is going to be a big deal, foreclosures will be a big deal, the oil spill is going to be a big deal in certain states, and the possibility of some Islamist radical nut blowing up something will be a big deal in this election. But I think the dominant concern of voters in most parts of the country remains what Joe Biden calls a three-letter word: “J-O-B-S.”

The first ad of the general election from Rob Portman, GOP Senate candidate in Ohio, aims to hammer that point home.

Portman’s Plan is available here.

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Lee Fisher Needs to Check Out a Few More Ohio Corners


Sometimes, you get a rival who makes it too easy. The campaign of Ohio GOP Senate candidate Rob Portman enjoys this moment:

While campaigning in Marietta, Ohio, this weekend, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher said:

“I often say, if you want to see the jobs that Ted [Gov. Strickland] and I created . . . all you have to do is go to every corner of Ohio.” . . .

According to Ohio Labor Market Information data:

For April 2010, Ashtabula County Had An Unemployment Rate Of 13.6%.

But In April 2007, The Unemployment Rate For Ashtabula County Was 7.3%.

For April 2010, Hamilton County Had An Unemployment Rate Of 9.9%.

But In April 2007, The Unemployment Rate For Hamilton County Was 5.0%.

For April 2010, Meigs County Had An Unemployment Rate Of 15.0%.

But In April 2007, The Unemployment Rate For Meigs County Was 8.2%.

For April 2010, Williams County Had An Unemployment Rate Of 13.8%.

But In April 2007, The Unemployment Rate For Williams County Was 6.1%.

It is true that Lee Fisher often says that, but it is also true that people often scoff at him when he says that.

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Ohio and Nevada, Looking a Little Tougher for the GOP


For a long while, Ohio and Nevada looked like relatively easy GOP Senate pickups this fall. Polling out this morning suggests that at least for now, they look like dogfights.

In Nevada:

According to the Mason-Dixon poll taken Monday through Wednesday, if the general election were held today, here’s how the leading Republican contenders would fare against Reid:

■ Lowden would win 42 percent of the vote and Reid 39 percent. Ten percent remain undecided, 6 percent would choose “none” of these candidates and 3 percent would pick “other” contenders.

■ Tarkanian would get 42 percent and Reid 41 percent, with 10 percent undecided, 4 percent choosing other and 3 percent picking none.

■ Reid would win 42 percent and Angle 39 percent with 10 percent undecided, 5 percent picking other candidates and 4 percent choosing none.

Meanwhile in Ohio:

The first University of Cincinnati Ohio Poll of the general election campaign finds Democratic Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher and former Republican congressman Rob Portman are just about even in their bids for the Senate.

The poll says Fisher has 47% to 46% for Portman.

In the governor’s race, Democratic incumbent Ted Strickland has a slight lead over Republican challenger John Kasich.

The landline and cell phone survey puts Strickland ahead 49-44%.

The unemployment rate in Nevada is 13.7 percent; the unemployment rate in Ohio is 10.9 percent.

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Democrats Returning From the Dead in Ohio?


We shouldn’t be surprised by a close race in Ohio, but if I were the Rob Portman campaign, I would be a little concerned about this:

2010 Senate
43% Fisher (D), 42% Portman (R)

What’s really surprising is that Portman has a nice 45/26 favorable/unfavorable split, better than Fisher’s 48/34, yet he trails a bit.

I don’t worry if the Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll puts Portman down. I don’t even worry that much if it’s Quinnipiac. But when Rasmussen finds similar numbers, I think it’s a sign that Democrat Lee Fisher came out of the primary in pretty good shape. I’m not panicking because of a couple of other factors — an improved GOP ground game in the Buckeye State, the high unemployment throughout Ohio, the broad indicators of independents preferring Republicans this year, etc. — but this race will probably be a tougher fight for the GOP than it has appeared for the past few months.

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