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Mostly Good News for GOP in 10 New House Race Polls


The Hill unveils poll results in ten House districts, mostly open seat races:

Tennessee 8: D: Roy Herron, 37 percent; R: Stephen Fincher, 47 percent

Washington 3: D: Denny Heck, 40 percent; R: Jaime Herrera, 42 percent

Arkansas 1: D: Chad Causey, 34 percent; R: Rick Crawford, 46 percent

Wisconsin 7: D: Julie Lassa, 35 percent; R: Sean Duffy, 44 percent

Illinois 10: D: Dan Seals, 49 percent; R: Robert Dold, 37 percent

Hawaii 1: D: Colleen Hanabusa, 41 percent, R: Charles Djou, 45 percent

Pennsylvania 7: D: Bryan Lentz, 39 percent, R: Patrick Meehan, 40 percent

New Hampshire 2: D: Ann Kuster, 42 percent R: Charlie Bass, 45 percent

Michigan 1: D: Gary McDowell, 39 percent R: Dan Benishek, 42 percent

West Virginia 1: D: Mike Oliverio, 42 percent; R: David McKinley, 39 percent

These are all largely good results for the GOP, although I’m sure they wish they had larger leads in several of these.

Illinois 10 is Mark Kirk’s old seat; that one was always Democrat-heavy and going to be tough to keep in an open seat race. Similar deal for West Virginia’s 1st District. Djou’s lead is perhaps the most substantial surprise.

My guess is that Ace’s Ewok will write another love letter to Sean Duffy before the day is through.

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He’s a Lumberjack, and He’s Okay


We may look at this year as a Golden Age of Political Advertising. Wisconsin House candidate Sean Duffy’s latest:

Am I the only one who saw it and thought, “Hey, that’s Senator Lamar Alexander’s shirt!”

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Sean Duffy Will Cut Waste, Balance the Budget, and Maybe Even Scalp Somebody


New York GOP gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino wants to clean out Albany with a baseball bat.

Sean Duffy, GOP congressional candidate from Wisconsin: A baseball bat? You wimp.

UPDATE: The GOP Senate candidate in Washington, Dino Rossi, isn’t too shabby with an ax, either:

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The Young Guns Come to Washington


Just returned from an NRCC event showcasing their “Young Guns,” chatting with top-tier GOP House challengers like Jackie Walorski and Larry Bucshon of Indiana, Rick Berg of North Dakota, Jim Renacci of Ohio, Lou Barletta of Pennsylvania, Sean Duffy of Wisconsin, and Cory Gardner of Colorado.

Perhaps what is most striking about them comes from a comment by Walorski, that all of their stories have certain common themes: Until recent years, most never expected to run for Congress; most are watching what’s occurring in Washington in disbelief; most are from fairly conservative districts where a Democrat won in recent cycles by running against past Republican failures and pledging to govern as a moderate; and most describe the voters in their district as mad as hell.

Walorski said she knew there had been a titanic shift in the district’s politics while campaigning in recent weeks, when she experienced “senior citizens reach out and grab you, and hold on to you as they’re talking, in Democratic communities.” She said that the health-care bill was particularly worrying seniors in her district, and the economy worried everyone in her district.

I asked minority whip Eric Cantor what indicators he’s watching to get a sense of how 2010 will play out. He noted the intensity of the tea-party protests and constituents showing up at town-hall meetings across the country; the notable swing in independents since 2008; and the palpable frustration on both sides of the aisle with the sensibility that “Washington knows best.”

I also asked whether the special election in Pennsylvania’s 12th congressional district, where Democrat Mark Critz won rather handily, suggested that the GOP had overestimated  its momentum this year.

“We have some work to do, and we have five months to do it,” he said, noting that the Young Guns had attracted NRCC support by meeting particular thresholds in fundraising, new media, grassroots organizing, and having various operations in place. “The benchmarks vary widely from district to district,” Cantor said, “You’re not going to need the same level of fundraising if you’re running in North Dakota’s at-large district than if you’re running in, say, southeastern Pennsylvania outside Philadelphia.”

Cantor noted that the PA-12 race was ranked about 60th on their list of competitive House races, so there is much lower-hanging fruit before the GOP in November. 

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Dave Obey to Retire; One More Big Open-Seat Race


And my list of 99 is prescient, but out-of-date already:

In a major blow to Democrats, House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey has told close associates that he will not seek re-election and an announcement of his plans is expected as early as Wednesday.

What I wrote earlier this week:

Dave Obey, Wisconsin: The New York Times felt compelled to write a piece about the danger he’s in this year; if the guys at the NRCC were any higher on Sean Duffy they would be writing his name in their notebooks with little hearts and swirly marks around it.

I should note that there’s another GOP candidate on the ballot, Daniel Mielke.

UPDATE: My primary Wisconsin politics guy told me five days ago:

Obey’s polling, for what seems like the first time in decades; hardly a week goes by without an attack press release or two on Duffy from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin because Obey from most accounts doesn’t have 1) a campaign office, 2) a campaign spokesman, and 3) just set up a campaign website for the first time this year.

Must have seen something he didn’t like in those polling numbers.

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