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Liberal Media Panel Blames Ted Cruz, American People for Harry Reid’s Do-Nothing Leadership


Why has the Senate been unable to pass anything? According to an extraordinary panel of mainstream-media personalities, it’s the fault of Republicans, or of the American people.

On a Sunday discussion on NBC’s Meet the Press, host David Gregory railed against the “Do-Nothing Congress” and played a brief clip of Texas Republican senator Ted Cruz pointing out that Senate majority leader Harry Reid, who controls the Senate agenda, is the logical person to hold accountable for stalled activities in the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.

Though the Cruz clip (which Meet the Press had been advertising for several days) came to less than a minute, it provided food for a ravenous panel of experts, who variously blamed Cruz, his party, or the entire nation for the lack of new enacted legislation that would solve the nation’s problems.

“Ted Cruz must be Texan for chutzpah,” Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus quipped. After a pause to let the uproarious laughter subside, Marcus dismissed Cruz’s comments as “ridiculous,” “complaining,” and “lamenting.” Marcus, whose author bio claims she is the owner of “the world’s cutest dog,” also took a swipe at Republican representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin over what she suggests is the House leadership’s blocking of the Senate’s never-popular “Gang of Eight” immigration bill.

“Everybody understands that the Senate’s immigration bill, if it were allowed to go to the House floor, would pass,” Marcus said.

“I used to think the problem was Washington,” added New York Times columnist David Brooks. “Now I think the problem is the country.”

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Madeleine Albright: ‘To Put It Mildly, the World Is a Mess’


Former secretary of state Madeleine Albright thinks that there have been two “huge game-changers” in world affairs recently: Putin’s actions toward Crimea and Ukraine and the unraveling of the Middle East.

In an interview with Bob Schieffer on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday, she described the unrest in the Middle East as a result of an Arab awakening and reaction to the artificiality of borders that were drawn in the region following World War I. As for Russia, “Putin is living in his own world,” she said. “He has made up a lot of lies,” and seeks to “reestablish himself as the identification of Russian nationalism” and to recreate “something akin to the Soviet Union.”

When asked for her thoughts on the conflict in Gaza, Albright said that while she was a believer in Israel’s moral authority and its need to ensure its security, she is “concerned about Israel . . . in terms of their image,” given the mounting Palestinian casualities. She lauded Secretary of State John Kerry “for all the effort” he has put in to attempting to broker negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians, while acknowledging that it had not succeeded.

Schieffer noted that in the face of all this turmoil, President Obama has seemed to be otherwise occupied. “Every time you turn on a TV he’s en route to a fundraiser,” he said, asking if Albright agreed that that was a fair criticism.

“I don’t think it’s fair,” she said. “He has his advisers around him” and “has been on the phone,” she said.

While Albright disputed the idea that the U.S. is “stepping back” from world affairs, she said that what has changed is Americans’ attitude to engagement: “We don’t want to be the world’s policeman.”

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George Will: ‘The Idea That We Can’t Assimilate These Eight-year-old Criminals with Their Teddy Bears Is Preposterous’


Columnist George Will Sunday downplayed concerns about chaos at the border over the surge in underage illegal immigrants without adult guardians.

“We ought to say to these children, ‘Welcome to America. You’re going to go to school, get a job, and become Americans,’” Will said during an appearance on Fox News Sunday.

Will dismissed objections that the country can’t assimilate the 57,000 unaccompanied children from Central America who have been appearing at the U.S. border with Mexico.

“We have 3,141 counties in this country,” he said. “That would be 20 per county. The idea that we can’t assimilate these eight-year-old criminals with their teddy bears is preposterous.”

Calling the North American Free Trade Agreement “Bill Clinton’s greatest act . . . which put the Mexican economy on the road to prosperity,” Will suggested something similar for Honduras and Nicaragua, and said American needs to curtail consumption of drugs illegally imported from these countries.

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Scalise: No Government Shutdown


The federal government will not run out of money until October 1, but new House majority whip Steve Scalise (R., La.) has already announced Republicans’ intention to surrender to President Obama and the Democrats on the issue of rising debt and continuous deficit spending.

Scalise, described by host Chris Wallace as a “tea-party favorite,” announced on Fox News Sunday that the GOP will not play spending hardball this fall, instead boasting that House Republicans have actually been more eager than the Democratic-controlled Senate to pass spending bills.

“The government runs out of money on October 1,” Wallace asked Scalise. “Will you support a continuing resolution to keep the government going at current levels; or are you willing, in an effort to cut spending, to risk another government shutdown?”

“We’re going to keep the government running at current levels,” Scalise responded. “In fact, we’ve passed a majority of the spending bills out of the House already. Not one of them’s been taken up by the Senate. But look, shouldn’t the Senate at least be able to agree a bill to fund our troops? That’s a bill that got over a hundred Democratic votes when it passed out of the House.”

“But no government shutdown?” Wallace asked.


The federal government experienced a partial shutdown of non-essential services in October 2013, which had no negative impact on the well-being of the vast majority of Americans and did not even hurt the finances of federal employees, who were all paid in full for the time they were (officially) not working. Nevertheless, the shutdown was given non-stop media coverage, which frightened conservatives. Republicans remain extremely sensitive to the mainstream media’s narrative that previous shutdowns and “fiscal cliff”–style showdowns severely damaged the GOP’s election prospects, though there is virtually no evidence that previous shutdowns damaged the economy and there seems to have been no polling in the last nine months to indicate whether voters even remember the 2013 shutdown, let alone consider it a front-burner issue.

Although the vocabulary of budgeting includes terms such as “continuing” and “current levels,” federal budgets are based on baseline budgeting, which assumes regular increases in spending and treats any reduction to the rate at which spending increases as a “cut.”

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Netanyahu: Hamas Has Violated Its Own Ceasefire


Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel has accepted multiple ceasefires up to this point in the Gaza conflict but that Hamas has refused to abide by any of them. 

“Israel has accepted five ceasefires up to now,” Netanyahu told Bob Schieffer on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday. “We accepted them and we implemented them.”

“Hamas has rejected every single one of them,” Netanyahu said, noting that that included a ceasefire proposed by the terrorist group itself. “They’ve violated their own ceasefire, and they’re firing on us as we now speak.”

“Israel is not obliged and will not let a terrorist organization, a ruthless terror organization, committed to our destruction, to decide when it’s convenient for them to stop for a moment, rearm, and continue firing on our citizens and our people,” he continued. “We’ll determine what is important for our own security in the way that we can to protect our people, including working against these terror tunnels that they’re digging against us. That’s how we’ll act. We’ll just act to protect our people.”

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Netanyahu: Hamas Wants ‘to Pile Up More and More Dead Bodies of Palestinian Civilians’


One of Israel’s major objectives in the current military operation in Gaza is to dismantle the network of Hamas tunnels uncovered this week, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. 

“Hamas received international aid from the Qataris and from others,” Netanyahu told CNN’s Candy Crowley on State of the Union Sunday.

Netanyahu noted that the aid was intended to go toward the construction of schools and hospitals in Gaza, but that Hamas used it for military purposes. “They took all that cement and built this vast tunnel network penetrating into Israel,” he said.

“They took cement that was meant to build kindergartens for Palestinian children and used it to dig tunnels to explode our kindergartens,” Netanyahu continued.

Netanyahu said that Israel will take whatever actions it deems necessary to protect its population against attack, and that while it takes measures to avoid civilian casualties, any that do occur are the responsibility of Hamas.

“They don’t care about not only targeting our civilians, but hiding behind their civilians as human shields,” he said. “They want to pile up more and more dead bodies of Palestinian civilians.”

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