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New York Democrat: Vote For Me in 2013 - And In 2014, Too!


Remember Eric Massa, the Democratic Congressman from New York who resigned halfway through his term, after allegations of sexual harassment and tickling staffers? He was replaced in a special election by Republican Tom Reed; Reed won reelection in 2012, 52 percent to 48 percent. (This is a district where Obama and Romney ran about even in 2012.)

Reed has one announced challenger – who has another election bid to deal with in 2013, as well:

Having announced in March her intention to run for re-election to the Tompkins County Legislature in 2013, Martha Robertson — who serves as chairperson of the Legislature — announced Thursday, April 11, she will be challenging U.S. Rep. Tom Reed, R-23rd, for his Congressional seat in 2014.

Local Republicans think they begin the race with an obvious issue to hit her with, namely, being able to balance a county legislative job, a party leadership role, and a congressional race at the same time:

To answer the question of how she will fit in time to represent the people in her legislative district of Dryden and the needs of the county as leader of the Legislature, while also running for Congress, Robertson said she does not plan to seek the county chaipersonship for a third time.

“I won’t be running for chair of the Legislature, this year will be the final time for me,” she said. “That’s a big part of the time commitment. I feel I can serve the district of Dryden very well as legislator.

“People have been asking me for a long time to run for something else and I think they’ll support me being on the county Legislature as long as possible. Sometimes you have to step up and when I found out Nathan wasn’t running, I felt someone needed to step up to challenge Tom Reed,” she added. “I’m very good at multitasking, and I think I will be able to step back by not being the chair, which should make time, and people should feel I should be able to do a good job as legislator.”

The Tompkins County Republican Party disagrees with Robertson, saying the demands of her campaign will prevent her form effectively serving as not only the chairperson of the Tompkins County Legislature, but as a legislator as well in a prepared statement issued Friday, April 12. The press release also made note of fellow Legislator Nathan Shinagawa’s run for the same office in 2012, saying that resulted in him missing sessions of the Legislature while he campaigned.

If nothing else, the announced Congressional bid complicates her bid to be reelected to the County Legislature, with voters knowing that she aspires to begin a new job in Washington starting January 2015.

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One New York House Seat, Looking Like a GOP Pickup


Hey, remember when the Republican party was dead in the Northeast?


It is only six weeks until Election Day, however, the race for the open 29th Congressional District seat has not yet grabbed voters’ attention. Republican candidate Tom Reed leads Democrat Matt Zeller 44-30 percent, with one-quarter of voters undecided. Although Reed is viewed as better than Zeller on the issues, at least 40 percent of voters cannot choose between the two on every issue, according to a Siena (College) Research Institute poll of likely voters released today.

Interestingly, the Siena poll finds Sarah Palin’s favorable/unfavorable numbers splitting 40/51, but the Tea Party’s numbers splitting 45/38.

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If the NRCC Didn’t Buy Ad Time in Your District, There’s Probably a Reason


Over at the Club for Growth, David Keating notices the NRCC “Young Guns” who aren’t getting any TV ads from the committee, at least not in the first wave.

At first glance, most of these candidates look like they’re in okay shape and aren’t in dire need of NRCC ads in their district.

AR-2, Tim Griffin: Leads early polling, has a cash advantage on his Democratic rival.

FL-22, Allen West: Phenomenal fund-raiser as is. He’ll need every dime he can get against well-funded Ron Klein, but in the end, West just needs enough to ensure he isn’t blown away in the advertising war.

IL-14, Randy Hultgren: Perhaps he’s one of the more surprising omissions, but it’s a suburban Chicago seat and that means an expensive television market.

NJ-3, Jon Runyan: Former NFL star shouldn’t have a hard time raising additional funds; he’s already given $300,000 to his own campaign.

NM-1, John Barela: He’s sitting on $537,000 in cash, according to his most recent filing.

NY-29, Tom Reed: This seat is deemed one of the seats most likely to flip in November; the NRCC probably concluded Tom Reed is doing fine, at least for now.

OH-13, Tom Ganley: This Republican is just going to have to get by on the $3 million or so he’s given his campaign so far.

PA-8, Michael Fitzpatrick: Pretty expensive media market (Philadelphia). In his last report, Fitzpatrick had more than $660,000 in the bank, so he’s actually well-stocked, even though rival Patrick Murphy has much more.

VA-11, Keith Fimian: Expensive media market (Washington, D.C.). Fimian’s behind in the most recent cash-on-hand numbers, but he’s raised more than $1 million over the course of his campaign.

VA-9, Morgan Griffith: Perhaps a bit surprising, but rival Rick Boucher is already running from Obama, and Griffith is probably going to be outspent no matter how well he raises money. This race will probably come down to whether a deeply conservative district (R+11) wants to keep sending a Democrat to Congress.

UPDATE: Interesting. I am informed that the NRCC did make a late addition to their list, reserving air time for the race in New Jersey’s 3rd congressional district to help out Jon Runyan.

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David Paterson to NY-29: Drop Dead and Stay Dead


In New York’s 29th congressional district, three citizens are attempting to sue Gov. David Paterson in an effort to compel the governor to declare the NY-29 seat vacant and schedule a special election to replace former Rep. Eric Massa.

(I examined how Paterson had deemed congressional representation for this corner of New York an optional luxury in this article.)

Paterson’s latest “reasoning”:

Gov. David Paterson doesn’t want to hold a special election for the 29th Congressional District. He addressed the topic briefly when speaking to the media Tuesday. Senate Republicans, meanwhile on Wednesday, introduced a resolution calling on the governor to call one.

“After July I’m not allowed to call a special election. We have an issue regarding the absentee ballot for citizens serving in the military,” Paterson said. “My initial feeling is that it would also be very costly to call a special election. We can have a primary and general election, which is the standard way to go. That’s my intent, though I haven’t reached a final decision, but that’s generally how I feel about it.”

You’ll notice it’s not July, and that July is almost two months away. Without a special election, this district will go more than 300 days without representation in the U.S. House.

The state that spends billions cannot find $700,000 to ensure a district has representation. Of course, I’m sure the fact that Republican Tom Reed would be favored in a special election has nothing to do with his decision.

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