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NextGen: Hey, Our Attack Ad Is ‘Mostly True’!


Liberal billionaire Tom Steyer’s environmental group, NextGen Climate Action Committee, ran a nasty ad against GOP Senate candidate Joni Ernst out in Iowa. PolitiFact rates the “ad” false and one of the sources cited in the ad calls the commercial ”inaccurate in its representation of my column.”

The group’s response?

WHAT NEXTGEN SAYS: “KCRG rated the first ad mostly true,” NextGen spokesman Bobby Whithorne said, referring to a fact-check of the ad released last week called “Joni Ernst’s Pledge.”

Nice defense: Our attack ad is mostly true!

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Steyer’s Green SuperPAC to Help Past Keystone-Backer Braley


Tom Steyer is not really an environmentalist billionaire, seeking to stand up for his values on the topic of climate change. He’s a deeply partisan Democrat, who’s willing to forgive and overlook past stances and votes of his preferred party in ways he never would for a Republican lawmaker.

The news today:

In Iowa, NextGen will back Representative Bruce Braley, a Democratic candidate for the Senate who voted for a House climate change bill in 2009. The group will attack Mr. Braley’s potential Republican opponents, State Senator Joni Earnst or Mark Jacobs, a former electric energy company executive, by criticizing claims they have made questioning climate science.

Here’s Democratic representative Bruce Braley, the man they’re trying to help elect, April 8, 2012:

“I’m encouraged that this bill will help expedite the construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The pipeline project is an opportunity to create thousands of jobs in Iowa and the Midwest and reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil. Environmental concerns must be addressed, and this bill provides an avenue to air those concerns to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Keystone XL has attracted rare bipartisan support because of the enormous economic benefits it will provide. It should move forward quickly once it’s approved.”

Of course, in 2013, Braley suddenly flip-flopped and voted against a Keystone bill that was identical to the one he had previously voted for in committee a month earlier.

Perhaps Braley realized he wanted Steyer’s assistance for his Senate ambitions.

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Environmentalist Billionaire Made His Fortune From Asian Coal Mines


It’s a safe bet that environmentalist billionaire and big-time Democratic donor Tom Steyer has a bigger carbon footprint than you do:

Steyer, 56, stepped down as co-managing partner of Farallon in 2012 to devote himself to full-time activism because, as he later wrote, he “no longer felt comfortable being at a firm that was invested in every single sector of the global economy, including tar sands and oil.”

But he has provided few details of the extent of those fossil fuel investments or how he profited from them. He said in July 2013 that when he had left Farallon, which manages much of his estimated $1.6 billion wealth, he had instructed the fund to divest his holdings in fossil fuels. Neither he nor Farallon has said whether that process has been completed. Farallon declined to comment.

A spokesman for Steyer declined to comment for this article.

Until now, most of the conservative ire against Steyer has focused on Farallon’s energy investment record in the United States. Little attention has been paid to foreign investments such as its forays into Asian coal.

During Steyer’s tenure, Farallon helped finance coal project acquisitions in Indonesia and Australia valued at more than $2 billion and covering some of the region’s biggest mines, some of which swiftly ramped up production afterward, according to a close examination by Reuters of company disclosures and interviews with people involved in the deals.

Of course, Steyer made clear that this year he would not run ads against Democrats who voted to build the Keystone Pipeline — even though that’s at the heart of his objection to Republicans. Democratic strategist Chris Lehane, who advises Steyer, told The Hill that Steyer’s group would not run ads against Democrats, even if they support Keystone. “We aren’t going to go in to try to undermine and hurt Democrats.”

To sum up, it’s okay for him to make a fortune from Asian coal mines, and it’s okay for Democrats to vote to build the Keystone Pipeline; all of our environmental problems can be blamed on Republicans and you eating a Big Mac today.

The only thing that’s green in this picture is the background.



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