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A Potentially Awesome Iowa Democrat Primary Challenge


If this comes to pass, it would be a particularly spectacular Democrat House primary to watch:

Congressman Leonard Boswell says he made it clear during a face-to-face meeting with a potential challenger that he intends to seek reelection in 2012.

Former Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack, a fellow Democrat, is exploring the idea of running for congress in 2012 and both live in Des Moines.  Boswell says the two had a one-on-one conversation on January 10.

“It was just a nice, cordial visit which we’ve always had. She told me that she is just exploring. She’s made no commitments at all and she’s looking at all possibilities. She told me she wasn’t raising money; she was just exploring what people think.  I defend her right to do that,” Boswell said this afternoon during an interview with Radio Iowa. “I told her, clearly, looking her straight in the face, that I am committed to run next time.”

A 77-year-old 8-term House Democrat who has toed the party line – he voted with Pelosi about 89 percent of the time last cycle, and had a 2009 ACU rating of 0 – against the wife of the former governor and current Secretary of Agriculture. It’s hard to imagine a House primary challenge that would eat up more resources or divide Iowa Democrats deeper.

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Three Vulnerable House Democrat Incumbents in Iowa?


The sample size in these polls isn’t enormous, and all of the incumbent Democrats still have okay leads in the head-to-head poll numbers. But obviously, there are a lot of frustrated and dissatisfied voters in Iowa, and none of these three can be terribly confident about reelection.

Bruce Braley, Leonard Boswell, and Dave Loebsack are all around 47 percent in the head-to-head match-ups, and that’s not a great place for an incumbent to be, particularly when the top of the ticket should be a GOP gubernatorial and senatorial landslide and voters’ mood is so sour.

A new poll released today by American Future Fund shows a strong disconnect between Iowans and Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda.

The poll was conducted by Voter/Consumer Research August 31 through September 3, 2010 in Iowa’s First, Second, and Third Congressional Districts.  Three hundred Iowans were polled per district and the results show low re-election numbers for incumbent Democratic Congressmen.

The standout issue for the majority of Iowa voters is jobs and the economy by an overwhelming margin.  Fifty-percent or more of all poll takers in each Iowa’s First, Second and Third Districts marked jobs and economy their main concern.

Only 39 percent of voters in Iowa’s First District believe Rep. Bruce Braley should be re-elected as their congressman.  Things aren’t much better for Rep. Leonard Boswell in the Iowa’s Third District either, as only 42 percent of voters believe he should retain his seat.  Rep. Dave Loebsack in Iowa’s Second District has only 40 percent of voters backing him in his re-election bid.

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Another Poll Showing an Incumbent House Democrat in Serious Trouble


Back on my list of 99, I left a strong challenger unmentioned:

Leonard Boswell, Iowa: Boswell has been on most Congress-watchers’ possible-retirement lists for a while, and GOP challenger Jim Gibbons is showing some healthy fundraising. Note that the governor’s race is, at least at this point, set to be a GOP rout, so Boswell can count on no help from the top of the ticket.

Instead, Brad Zaun won, and if a Midwestern-based pollster is to be believed, he’s in exceptionally strong shape:

A Victory Enterprises poll conducted on June 17, 2010 shows State Senator Brad Zaun (R-Urbandale) leading Congressman Leonard Boswell by 9 points. When asked, “If the general election were held today for whom would you vote?” 41% said Zaun, 31.8% said Boswell with 26.8% being undecided.

Also only 28.6% of those surveyed said that Boswell deserves to be re-elected, with 52.3% saying it’s time to give somebody else a chance.

While there is still a large percentage of people who are undecided, this polling doesn’t bode well for Boswell in a year where the Democrat brand has been damaged due to overspending and Obamacare and an anti-incumbent tone. Zaun is well positioned to be extremely competitive.

What should make this polling even more troubling for the Boswell campaign is the demographic breakdown:

The respondents were 43% Democrat, 38% Republican and 19% Independent.

This result is almost too good to be true for the GOP; we’ll have to see if anyone else polls this district.

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Democratic House Members to Constituents: Go Away


It’s Monday, so another five consecutive days of the Jolt begin:

Funny, We Don’t Want to See You in Office, Either, Congressman

Somehow, this item in the New York Times was predictable: “If the time-honored tradition of the political meeting is not quite dead, it seems to be teetering closer to extinction. Of the 255 Democrats who make up the majority in the House, only a handful held town-hall-style forums as legislators spent last week at home in their districts. It was no scheduling accident. With images of overheated, finger-waving crowds still seared into their minds from the discontent of last August, many Democrats heeded the advice of party leaders and tried to avoid unscripted question-and-answer sessions. The recommendations were clear: hold events in controlled settings — a bank or credit union, for example — or tour local businesses or participate in community service projects. And to reach thousands of constituents at a time, without the worry of being snared in an angry confrontation with voters, more lawmakers are also taking part in a fast-growing trend: the telephone town meeting, where chances are remote that a testy exchange will wind up on YouTube.”

The story begins by describing the chilled wine and crudités at an invitation-only Bel Air, Maryland, event for Rep. Frank Kratovil, D-Not For Long. He has time for crudités, but not the crudity of the peons who he supposedly represents in Congress.

Don’t tell me that this anti-constituent blockade is necessary for security reasons, because they’re fearful some Obamacare opponent will go postal; as the article says, “[Carol] Shea-Porter, a Democrat, attended a state convention of letter carriers on Saturday, but she did not hold a town-hall-style meeting during the Congressional recess” and Leonard Boswell of Iowa attended a ceremony to rename a post office. I think they just recognizes who she really represents; the government workers who enjoy greater federal spending, not the taxpayers who have to dig deeper to fund it.

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