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South Carolina Democrats Really Know How to Pick Them


No more Alvin Greenes for the South Carolina Democratic party, no sir! No, they’ve got much better candidates for the state’s two U.S. Senate races this fall. First, they’ve got a former Obama-administration official who brags about founding a consulting firm . . . that was involuntarily dissolved by the state of Illinois after 18 months.

But check out the other great candidate they’ve found, Jay Stamper, as reported by the Spartanburg Herald-Journal:

During a lunch with Spartanburg County Democrats at Golden Corral on Monday, Stamper attacked Sen. Lindsey Graham’s loyalty to conservative principles and said spending trillions of dollars on foreign engagements isn’t fiscal conservatism, limiting abortion and marriage isn’t limited government conservatism, and supporting the National Security Administration’s data collection isn’t constitutional conservatism.

“I will settle for their grudging and reluctant support,” Stamper said of Republicans and independents he hopes to sway.

Grudging and reluctant support has come from some corners of Stampers’ own party after revelations he pleaded guilty to three felony charges associated with the illegal sale of securities in 2006. Stamper was ordered to repay millions of dollars and said at Monday’s meeting that $600,000 of that came from his own pocket. Stamper called the incident “a business mistake I made several years ago,” and said securities laws are very complicated, and he acted on advice from two teams of lawyers.

“I never meant to hurt anyone. There was no malice. . . . In a way I was reckless . . . but there were mitigating circumstances,” he said.

(That laughing sound you heard was South Carolina Tea Party members laughing that Democrats are complaining about “Graham’s loyalty to conservative principles.”)

What’s a couple felonies between friends, right?

On second thought, Alvin Greene doesn’t look so bad.

UPDATE: Uh-oh.

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Alvin Greene Falls Just a Wee Bit Short Again


Better luck next time, Alvin:

Surprise candidate Alvin Greene was soundly defeated in his second bid for elective office on Tuesday. He captured only 37 votes or just about .01% of the 3,892 cast in a Democratic primary to fill a state legislature seat to cover an area including his hometown of Manning, South Carolina.

The good news is, this leaves him more time to devote to his 2012 presidential bid.

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I Think Jim DeMint Will Be Okay


Rasmussen suggests that Jim DeMint, Republican senator of South Carolina, might be able to hold on to his seat:


Republican Senator Jim DeMint earns his highest level of support yet in his bid for reelection in South Carolina.  

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely South Carolina Voters finds DeMint, who is seeking a second six-year term, earning 64% of the vote, while Democrat Alvin Greene earns 21% support.  Ten percent (10%) prefer another candidate, and five percent (5%) are undecided.

Man, poll results like this are enough to make a man howl at the moon.

Elsewhere in South Carolina, Nikki Haley’s ascension continues:


Republican Nikki Haley continues to hold a comfortable lead over Democrat Vincent Sheheen in South Carolina’s gubernatorial race.

The latest Ramussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in South Carolina shows Haley with 50% support to Sheheen’s 33%. Four percent (4%) like some other candidate in the race, and 13% remain undecided.

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Is Alvin Greene . . . Not Well?


After the howling, we see an typically terse and digression-prone interview with Alvin Greene that is indistinguishable from parody:

On buying textbooks:

I don’t know. There’s something good about me; they can check it out. I encourage people to look at my campaign and to vote for me for the United States Senate here in South Carolina. Alvin Greene. Yes. That’s a good thing.

A couple people have wondered whether Greene is . . . mentally or psychologically not well. If so, that makes some of the coverage of this race, including some of my past jokes, seem cruel. We joke that politicians seem crazy, and there are probably quite a few whose behavior puts them well beyond normal. (Say, displays of intermittent explosive disorder against kids asking questions in the street.) There’s pretty intense division about the voting rights of the mentally challenged; while almost every American wants to see the mentally handicapped live their lives to the fullest, elected office is probably not the best place for them.

It appears that the South Carolina Democratic party has no further legal options to remove Greene from the ballot.

I do, however, wonder if 59 percent of South Carolina Democrats should be prohibited from operating heavy machinery.

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Alvin Greene’s Latest Can’t-Miss Strategy: Howling at Reporters


Look, South Carolina Democrats have embarrassed the hell out of the national party, but it’s not like his campaign can get any weirder, right?

Eh, spoke too soon:

Alvin Greene howls and wails at reporter

In a bizarre interview at his home in Manning, SC, the Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, Alvin Green said he is not quitting the race even after his indictment on a felony charge of obscenity.

Well, that locks up the lycanthrope vote.

Video available here.

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Action Figure Hits 20 Percent


For those of you who have wondered how the man calling for economic prosperity through action figures was doing in South Carolina, Rasmussen offers some insight:

Mystery man Alvin Greene has been the subject of more media coverage this election cycle than any other political candidate, but right now he trails incumbent Republican Jim DeMint by over 40 points in South Carolina’s U.S. Senate contest.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely South Carolina Voters finds DeMint earning 62% support, while Greene, his Democratic challenger, picks up 20% of the vote.

Put another way, South Carolina Democratic gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen is only 15 percentage points ahead of Greene.

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This South Carolina Democrat Could Use Direction. Or Directions.


Feel free to take appropriate grains of salt in assessing this report from this South Carolina source, whom I call “Dad”:

On Sunday I went to the Hilton Head Democrats’ picnic to educate myself. Very small turn out. Very HOT day. Maybe 100 people. [Gubernatorial candidate] Vincent Sheheen was the speaker. He got lost on HHI and showed up late. The head of the Democrats for Beaufort County said how proud he was of the whole Democratic ticket, but never made reference to their Senatorial candidate, American Hero Alvin Greene. Sheheen spoke like he was running against Mark Sanford instead of Nikki Haley.

In defense of Sheheen, those traffic circles in Hilton Head can be pretty maddening.

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Our Favorite Alvin Since That Singing Chipmunk


Today’s excerpt from the Morning Jolt: The news that we will have Alvin Greene to enjoy for at least a few more months.

The Man with No Campaign Gets the Greene Light

I try to end the week on cheerier notes, and other than a little potential felony with obscene material, is there anything cheerier these days than the surreal saga of Alvin Greene? He has illustrated for us that Democrats see secret plots by Karl Rove in their dreams, and that they’re absolutely incapable of facing unpleasant but plausible truths, like the possibility that in an unpublicized primary, 60 percent of their base goes with the guy whose name reminds them of a soul singer.

What better representation of the dire circumstances of the Obama economy than the tale of Greene, running for Senate because he had no better career opportunities?

Time’s Michael Scherer: “When first asked if he would grant an interview with TIME, Greene responded by asking a question of his own: ‘Does the candidate get paid?’”

You won’t often find me quoting Ann Coulter, but this line is a keeper: “Obama senior adviser David Axelrod said Greene was not a ‘legitimate’ candidate and called his victory ‘a mysterious deal.’ (Yes, how could a young African-American man with strange origins, suspicious funding, shady associations, no experience, no qualifications, and no demonstrable work history come out of nowhere and win an election?)”

The State: “[State Democratic Party Chair Carol] Fowler opened the meeting by telling the S.C. Democratic Party’s executive committee of 63 — which voted 33-7 in to uphold the election results — she tried unsuccessfully to get Greene to sit out the race. ‘I did try to convince him not to run, not because I knew of something in his past but because he seemed so naïve about what it took to run for office.’”

To quote the Godfather, “Who’s being naïve now, Kay?”

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Vic Rawl: No, Really, How the Heck Did I Lose to This Guy?


Over on the home page, a look at the various theories and ideas about how Alvin Greene, unemployed veteran, pulled off his supremely improbable victory in South Carolina’s senatorial primary.

His rival, Vic Rawl, is formally challenging the results today. 

Rawl cast his protest as benevolent, saying his goal is not to bump Greene from the general election ballot but to help fix the state’s electoral process for future campaigns.

“I would like to speak directly to Mr. Greene and say: ‘Sir, this is not about you, and it’s not about me. I wish you and your family nothing but the best in the weeks and months ahead,’” Rawl said, according to prepared remarks released by his campaign.

That’s good, because I have a tough time believing that a voting-machine malfunction resulted in the creation of a 30,000-vote margin.

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Alvin Greene, Proving American Politics Is Never Predictable


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It’s Not Easy Being Greene, but Apparently He Wins Easily

So let’s dissect what we know about Alvin Greene, the Democrats’ choice to run against incumbent Republican Jim DeMint. The Island Packet summarizes: “Greene, an unemployed 32-year-old who lives with his parents in Manning, was hardly visible on the campaign trail, even ignoring a stump rally in his hometown. Still, he trounced rival Democrat Vic Rawl, a former judge and state lawmaker who serves on Charleston County Council. Greene spent no money campaigning and did not have a website, but improbably captured 59 percent of the vote and won all but four counties. Rawl campaigned across the state, raised about $250,000, sent out about 260,000 e-mails, and was left scratching his head Tuesday night as results came in. The day after the election, Rawl canceled a fundraising event he had scheduled for today for his expected November campaign and kicked himself for not investigating his opponent’s background. ‘I feel kind of silly that we didn’t check all of that, but then again, why would we?’ he said. ‘I never met him, never saw a sign, never saw a bumper sticker.’”

The Washington Post adds, “in a three-hour interview, the unemployed military veteran could not name a single specific thing he’d done to campaign . . . He faces felony obscenity charges for allegedly showing pornography to a University of South Carolina student last November.”

I like the Al Green theory; Don Surber offers one that works if the voters had seen both candidates, which at this point doesn’t seem to have been the case: “Greene is black, Rawl is white. In identity politics, maybe the overwhelming majority of Democratic primary voters decided that they could beat incumbent Republican Senator Jim DeMint (who was re-nominated) with a black man. It may just be identity politics.”

In Rightworld, there’s skepticism of the popular theory that somehow he’s a pawn of the South Carolina Republicans. Allahpundit, writing at Hot Air: “To answer Olby’s question about whether Greene’s a GOP plant, the more I think about it, the more implausible it seems. If you were a Republican strategist desperate to clear a path to victory for your party’s nominee, why would you bother with shenanigans in a state like South Carolina, where DeMint’s a mortal lock to be re-elected? And if you’re going to go to the trouble of choosing a plant and risking all the bad publicity and possible criminal repercussions that come with that, wouldn’t you plant someone who’s a tad more compelling? The goal would be to lose the general election to DeMint but to win the primary, and to do that most strategists would assume they needed a plant with some minimal degree of competence. As it turns out, they would have been dead wrong — but not until the votes were tallied could anyone have known that. Plus, like DrewM says, this is the South Carolina GOP we’re talking about. At this point, does anyone think that crew could pull this off?”

Would you entrust Alvin Greene with a grand conspiracy to pull a massive con on the voters of South Carolina? Let’s start smaller: would you trust Alvin Greene to water your plants while you’re away?

Keep in mind that even if the $10,000 check that got Greene into the race originated from a joint PAC operated by the Illuminati, the Bilderbergs, NBA referees and the Stonecutters, you still can’t get around the wonderfully weird fact that roughly 99,000 South Carolina Democrats voted for him knowing almost nothing about him, twenty percentage points over a standard issue local-official/sacrificial lamb.

Frank J: “Alvin Greene is [so] horrible as a candidate I can’t bring myself to make fun of him. It just seems cruel.”

Then again, he suddenly appeared out of nowhere, disappeared just as fast, and then with no discernable effort cleaned the clock of all his foes. Who is Alvin Greene? Based on available evidence, just the flippin-flappin’ Kaiser Soze of American politics. Senator DeMint, don’t underestimate this guy!

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Jim Clyburn Gets Paranoid


The Huffington Post declares that Rep. Jim Clyburn (D., S.C.) is “warning of shenanigans” in Alvin Greene’s choice to run for U.S. Senate and subsequent victory, calling for the U.S. attorney to investigate.

One man’s “warning of shenanigans” is another man’s “ranting paranoid conspiracy theories.” Even if, say, some GOP donor underwrote the cost of Greene’s entry fee — a theory that has no evidence to support it, so far — the fact remains that 99,970 South Carolina Democrats voted for him, in almost all cases knowing absolutely nothing about him. His rival, an actual county councilman named Vic Rawl, earned 69,572.

UPDATE: A reader shares the strangely plausible theory that some folks were inclined to vote for Greene because they associated him with gospel/soul singer Al Green.

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Everyone Who Argued Jim DeMint Is Vulnerable, Go Sit in the Corner


Perhaps the South Carolina Republicans I hang around with are too cocky, but I have a tough time seeing any of their conservative congressional incumbents getting in trouble this year*. Yes, I know the guy who is running against Rep. Joe Wilson raised a ton of money.  But Joe Wilson had more primary votes yesterday than any other House member in the state, including House majority whip Jim Clyburn.

For example, I find it almost impossible to imagine a scenario where Jim DeMint loses this year. Some local pollsters recently contended otherwise:

According to our May 18th telephone survey DeMint’s job approval and re-elect numbers are well below the marks of a strong incumbent. Only 53% of all voters currently approve of his job performance while only 48% of all voters are likely to support his re-election. In a head to head question with Democratic challenger Vic Rawl, DeMint gets 50% of the vote to Rawl’s 43%. It is important to note that Rawl has never run for statewide office and has not aired any TV ads during this primary season.

Yeah, well, that Democratic challenger who was supposed to get 43 percent against DeMint just got 41 percent in a two-man primary against a candidate who has raised so little money, he hasn’t filed any papers with the Federal Election Commission. The winner, Alvin Greene, has served honorably, so our hats ought to be tipped to him for that, but it’s rare you see a candidate so dedicated to dealing with the issue of unemployment because he’s currently unemployed. Dave Weigel characterized him as “the kind of opponent candidates dream about . . . a wholly unserious candidate.”

* Yes, in the 4th district, incumbent Rep. Bob Inglis is going to a runoff. But I would note that you don’t trail a primary badly in an R+15 district by being too conservative.

UPDATE: Alvin Greene may have serious criminal charges pending. If you read this in a novel, you would dismiss it as too outlandish.

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