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Now It’s Just Cuomo vs. Paladino


Carl Paladino’s mad-as-hell bid just got a bit easier: Rick Lazio had won the Conservative Party nomination but lost the GOP nomination to Paladino. Now word is Lazio is ending his bid entirely.

This will prevent the anti-Cuomo vote from being split between two candidates. Paladino still faces a steep uphill climb, but that climb looks a little easier today.

UPDATE: A New York reader says that now, barring some sudden new development, Paladino will be the nominee of the Conservative Party as well.

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‘Where Is This Money Coming From? Who Is Really Behind It?’


The New York State Conservative party just unveiled this ad, featuring gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio, criticizing the Ground Zero Mosque* and criticizing Democratic gubernatorial candidate and state attorney general Andrew Cuomo, for supporting it.

* I know, I know, it has a basketball court, too.

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Run Away, Andrew, Run Away!


No two ways about it, Rick Lazio is a big underdog in New York’s gubernatorial race. But I love the videos his campaign makes, this one using a bit of long-lost 1990s music with an appropriate chorus, focusing on Democrat Andrew Cuomo going to Charlie Rangel’s big birthday bash . . . through the service entrance in an effort to avoid cameras.

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‘I made a lot of mistakes in my 12 years as governor . . . He was there for every mistake.’


Catch this Rick Lazio video quick, before George Lucas gripes about the music selection, saying that the use of such material is reserved for only classy, appropriate tie-ins, like Adidas commercials.

Mario Cuomo offers a unique potential slogan for his son Andrew: “I made a lot of mistakes in my 12 years as governor. . . . He was there for every mistake.”

Hey, thanks, Dad!

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Andrew Cuomo Will Fight Corruption by Gently Kissing It on the Cheek


I realize former congressman Rick Lazio, a GOP New York gubernatorial candidate, faces the biggest uphill battle since Edmund Hillary. But he’s got some material to work with, as shown in this recent web video:

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