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Louisiana Democratic House Candidate: ‘The federal government has issued a death sentence to South Louisiana’s economy.’


Ravi Sangisetty, who’s running for Congress in Louisiana’s 3rd congressional district, is starting to sound like my kind of Democrat:

Ravi Sangisetty, Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress in the Louisiana Third District, said the federal government has issued a death sentence to South Louisiana’s economy.

“Last night the President went on TV and said, ‘If something isn’t working, we want to hear about it,’” Sangisetty said. “Well, because of the federal government and BP, the list of things that aren’t working is pretty long. The federal government’s moratorium means the oil rigs aren’t working; failure to regulate BP means now the Gulf is full of oil; the oil means the fishermen aren’t working; that means our restaurants and tourism industries aren’t working. Mr. President, the federal government stopped South Louisiana from working.”

Sangisetty said that safety must be ensured on the deepwater rigs in a matter of days, not months. He also said that domestic oil is key to our national economy and security.

“The President chastised America for sending a billion dollars a day to foreign countries for their oil,” Sangisetty said. “Domestic oil is a perfect way to counter that, however our ability to drill our own oil has been crippled because Washington is broken. We have a serious problem down here. We need a solution for coastal economy that puts South Louisiana back to work now.”

Ravi Sangisetty is a pro-life, pro-gun conservative Democrat.

It sounds like he and the Republican most likely to face him, Hunt Downer, are on the same page here:

The President has spent so much time studying that he forgot how to make things happen. His approach has all the hallmarks of a disengaged White House, more eager to find a simplistic political sound bite than develop a comprehensive response to the disaster. Today, the White House was quoted by THE HILL as defending the President’s golfing habits by saying it is done to “clear his mind.” If the defense of the President spending so much time on golf instead of in the Gulf is to clear his mind . . . then the President’s mind must be as empty as his promises to our people.

When Governor Jindal led from the front, proposing a coastline reconstruction plan, the President called for a study, allowing oil to reach our shores. When we cried out for sand berms, the President pulled out the red tape, hoping the disaster would just go away. When business leaders cried out for a recovery plan, the President slapped a moratorium on drilling that will destroy our local economy. This isn’t the politics of Hope and Change; it’s the politics of despair and destruction.

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