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Half the Democratic Caucus Is Trying to Emulate Scott Brown’s Ads


When he parachuted into Massachusetts for a day to help Martha Coakley in her bid for the Senate in Massachusetts in January, President Obama seemed strangely obsessed with Scott Brown’s truck, which was featured in one of his campaign ads. Obama seemed to think the truck was empty symbolism, a silly attempt to establish humble, working-class bona fides that all clear-thinking Massachusetts voters should dismiss as a gimmick.

Here we are, seven or eight months later, and what are we seeing in the ads of endangered Democratic House incumbents? The NRCC takes a look:

Hey, look at the bright side; the way the Democrats have managed the economy, it’s just good to see anybody buying a truck these days.

And I figure that in every commercial, most voters watching can spot the real clunker ready for a trade-in.

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I’ll Bet the New Mexico GOP Hopes Bill Richardson Attends a Lot of Rallies


Looking at some new polls out of New Mexico… if Republican Suzanna Martinez leads the gubernatorial race over Democrat Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, 45 percent to 39 percent, then neither Rep. Martin Heinrich nor Rep. Harry Teague should feel all that great about narrow leads (6 points and 3 points, respectively) over their GOP challengers.

The poll finds Gov. Bill Richardson’s approval rating at… 33 percent.

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Who’s the Most Vulnerable House Incumbent?


Democrats currently hold 35 of the 40 seats deemed most likely to flip on this list assembled by the good folks at National Journal.

Charles Djou, the newest House Republican, is ranked 13th, which is farther from the top than I expected. Put another way, he’s one spot “safer” than Betsy Markey of Colorado, who’s getting a ton of outside help from liberal groups.

Also lower than I expected: Paul Kanjorski’s got money, but that’s about it, and he’s ranked 14; Carol Shea Porter, Democrat of New Hampshire, at 34. Higher than I expected: Ohio Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy jumped from 17 to 7; Democrat Harry Teague of New Mexico is now at 11.

The most vulnerable incumbent on their list is Anh Joseph Cao, Louisiana Republican. Interestingly, his campaign released a poll showing Cao up 51 percent to 26 percent on his nearest challenger in this heavily Democratic New Orleans district.

Of course, this is the National Journal ranking; you’ll find a different order of vulnerability from Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball. Clearly, we need some sort of national playoff system to determine the true champion.

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That Ever-Lowering Bar for Good News From the DCCC


I notice that on the DCCC’s list of races where their candidates have fundraising advantages:

IL-10: $66,550 COH Advantage

Dan Seals has $792,000 COH, Young Gun Bob Dold has $725,000 COH

Hey, in an open-seat race in Illinois’s 10th district, ranked in 2008 as the 13th most expensive competitive House district in the country (out of 80), our guy, who has run for this seat for the past three cycles, has $66,000 more than a first-time candidate whom everyone keeps mixing up with Bob Dole! Hooray!

They also celebrate:

NM-02: $146,000 Advantage

Representative Harry Teague has $1.17 million COH, Young Gun Steve Pearce has $1.02 million COH

The GOP’s guy is an entire 12 percent behind our incumbent! Whoo-hoo!

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