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New Tone: Ag Secretary Vilsack Pledges ‘Holy War’ if Wife Runs for Office


The new tone continues: Obama’s Secretary of Agriculture, former governor of Iowa Tom Vilsack, tells Democrats that if his wife runs for office, it will be “holy war.”

No, really:

Whether Christie Vilsack will challenge a sitting Republican or a sitting Democrat for Congress is a carefully guarded secret – but several Democrats speculated today that she’ll challenge U.S. Rep. Steve King.

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack this afternoon told Democratic state senators during a private meeting that if his wife does run “it will be a holy war.”

Boy, Tucson changed everything, didn’t it? I can’t wait for Christie Vilsack’s slogan: “A Crusader for All of Us!” “Jihad Us at ‘hello!’” and “The Vilsack Reconquista!”

Mr. President, you’ve already endured one high-profile embarrassment because of the poor judgment of your Agriculture Secretary. Clearly, he finds a bid for high office by his wife to be a… spiritual calling. What makes him so invaluable that you must keep him and his “Holy War” rhetoric in your cabinet?

UPDATE: Christie Vilsack forms an exploratory committee for a House bid.

Vilsack Akbar!

I appreciate the Club for Growth for proving that outrage fatigue is not so overwhelming that we shrug at a cabinet official declaring a campaign “holy war”

The Club for Growth today took issue with recent comments made by US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack that if his wife, Christie Vilsack, runs for Congress against U.S. Rep Steve King (R-IA), that “it will be a holy war.”:

“Before Christie Vilsack has her husband issue a fatwah against Steve King, she should know that Steve King has an excellent record in Congress on the issues that the Club for Growth cares about,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “Steve King has consistently stood up for the principles of economic freedom that create jobs and opportunity for Iowans. The people of Iowa are lucky to have him representing them in Congress.”

So will Vilsack deliver an explosive campaign? Or will she bomb?

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How Tom Vilsack Is Like Frank Drebin


I’m hearing from a few readers that there are reasons for public scrutiny of Shirley Sherrod that go beyond her speech to the NAACP.

If there really is provable wrongdoing on her part in these matters, then by all means, hold her accountable. But don’t witness her firing, triggered by a false charge, and then say that even if that charge was false, the existence of other yet unproven allegations mean that the firing was justified.

It reminds me a bit too much of the crime-prevention strategies of Frank Drebin:

Commissioner Anabell Brumford: Ladies and gentlemen, I would now like to introduce a most special American. Tonight, he is being honored for his 1000th drug-dealer killed.

Lt. Frank Drebin: [to applause] Thank you. But, in all honesty, the last three I backed over with my car. Luckily, they turned out to be drug-dealers.

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