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Wisconsin Democrats Now Generating 1.21 Gigawatts of Irony Daily


Ezra Klein, yesterday: “Gonzo journalist Ian Murphy noticed one of Wisconsin’s Senate Democrats complaining that Gov. Scott Walker was impossible to reach on the phone.”

So, just to clarify, lawmakers who have fled the state, who are calling in to CNN from an undisclosed location with a list of demands, are complaining that the governor is hard to reach.

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Tim Wants Us All to Stand With Scott


Tim Pawlenty urges us to “Stand With Scott.”

Pawlenty’s PAC is setting up a petition, too. Of course, collecting information for that petition will also provide a bunch of names and e-mails of grassroots conservatives for any future Pawlenty campaign . . .

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Don’t Prank-Call Scott Walker


This prank call by a liberal blogger on Scott Walker, posing as wealthy conservative philanthropist David Koch, looks like an enormous strategic error. Walker simply explains why he’s approaching the issue the way he is, and pretty much shrugs off the “zany” comments from the faux-Koch, like, “you’re not talking with these Democrat bastards, are you?”

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First Cambridge Cops, Now Wisconsin Teacher Contracts


It probably shouldn’t surprise us that President Obama begins his comments on Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s proposals with the words, “I’d say that I haven’t followed exactly what’s happening with the Wisconsin budget,” and then promptly declares that Walker’s plan “seems like more of an assault on unions.”

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Tidal Wave About to Hit Wisconsin?


Votes for Republican Mark Neumann, former congressman, who came in second with 38.7 percent of the vote in his party’s gubernatorial primary: 237,755.

Votes for Democrat Tom Barrett, mayor of Milwaukee, who won his party’s gubernatorial nomination with 90.5 percent of the vote: 210,886.

In other words, Republican Milwaukee county executive and winning Senate* gubernatorial nominee Scott Walker’s vote was 1.7 times that of Barrett. 

About 233,000 Democrats voted in yesterday’s Wisconsin gubernatorial primary; about 614,000 Republicans did.

* Evidence of a late night between the primaries and writing the Jolt . . .

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Scott Walker: Welcome to Wisconsin, Mr. President!


President Obama is in Wisconsin today, and Sen. Russ Feingold — who has now very narrowly trailed the GOP’s Ron Johnson in four straight polls — says he’s happy to be with Obama anytime, anyplace.

You know who else seems really excited to see Obama? GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker:

Obama’s job approval (in black) and job disapproval (in red) in Wisconsin:

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