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No 50-State Strategy for the Democratic Governors Association!


This morning, three pollsters issued their final polls in New Jersey’s governor’s race. Monmouth has Republican incumbent Chris Christie up by 20, Quinnipiac has Christie up by 28, and Rutgers-Eagleton has Christie up by 36.

Back in February, the Democratic Governors Association was talking a good game:

The newly installed chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin, said he’s confident her message and story will resonate with New Jersey voters — and he’s willing to devote the resources to prove it. Even at this early stage, it’s Buono’s smiling face that graces the group’s home page.

By August, Democrats were singing a different tune:

While acknowledging the “challenging” nature of the race between Buono and Christie, Shumlin cautioned that it is “by no means over.” But the DGA head would not say whether his organization would provide support in the way of television ads. “I’ve been working closely with Barbara, because we want to win. We’re not gonna start spending big money until we see evidence that we’re gonna win. And so we’re continuing to assess that.”

By yesterday, the DGA was admitting they gave up early:

In contrast, the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) has done nothing to help Christie’s opponent. “We expend resources where we think we can make a difference, and we haven’t invested in New Jersey,” said Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin, chairman of the DGA.

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Christie Ahead, Just 58 Percent to 22 Percent


A new poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University finds New Jersey governor Chris Christie clinging to his narrow lead over his Democratic challenger, state senator Barbara Buono, 58 percent to 22 percent.

Among self-described Democrats, Buono leads . . . 40 percent to 36 percent.

Christie is winning among women, 54 percent to 24 percent.

The pollsters summarize:

Although a blue state, a solid majority of Democrats (55%) and independents (61%) approve of the job Christie is doing and even more Republicans (83%) give the governor high marks. Other groups who are not considered likely suspects among his supporters include women (62%), those from union households (52%), and non-whites (56%).

A majority of voters are also pleased with the direction the state is headed. Fifty-seven percent say it’s headed in the right direction and, with the exception of the usual partisan differences, perceptions are largely positive across relevant demographic categories.

With numbers like these, the big question is, just how much money does the Democratic Governors Association want to spend in New Jersey this year? Or more specifically, how much do they have to spend to avoid the appearance that they’re giving up on this race, even though they’re sooner or later going to have to admit that with numbers like these, Buono amounts to a sacrificial lamb?

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DGA: How Dare Mark Zuckerberg Donate to Christie!


Two other signs of New Jersey governor Chris Christie maximizing his momentum in the very early moments of a 2013 reelection bid: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will host a fundraiser next month as part of Christie’s first out-of-state campaign trip.

Then the Democratic Governors Association is left to . . . start a petition of people urging Zuckerberg to not donate to Christie.


Note they characterize Christie as a “right-wing Republican darling.”

How dare that billionaire give money to a candidate he prefers! The Democrats act as if Silicon Valley money is their birthright.

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A Tale of Two Governors, Two States, and Two Parties


This morning the Republican Governors Association is chuckling over the newest sharp contrast between their chairman and the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association (and governor of a neighboring state).

Just days after Virginia governor Bob McDonnell announced a $544 million surplus, Maryland governor Martin O’Malley told county leaders Saturday that Maryland may need to increase taxes to solve a $1 billion budget gap next year.

What makes the contrast even more striking is the fact that McDonnell previously balanced an inherited $4.2 billion budget deficit that Gov. Tim Kaine had said could only be closed with a $2 billion tax increase, while O’Malley has already signed the largest tax increase in Maryland history during his first term.

Both states benefit from the hiring spree and rare layoffs in the federal government, but the unemployment rate in Virginia is 6.1 percent, while the unemployment rate in Maryland is 7.2 percent.

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Republicans Governors Hold 2-to-1 Fundraising Advantage Over Democrats


Fresh off announcing earlier this week that it had raised $22 million, the Republican Governors Association is chuckling this morning upon learning that its counterpart, the Democrat Governors Association, has raised $11 million.

The RGA also enjoys a similar (roughly) 2-to-1 advantage in cash on hand, $16.2 million to $8.6 million.

Particularly giggle-inducing was DGA chairman and Maryland governor Martin O’Malley’s declaration that the DGA is “leading the way.”

Mike Schrimpf, communications director of the RGA, jabs, “Only in the most creative of imaginations could the fact that Democrat governors are getting doubled up on the fundraising be a sign that they are ‘leading the way.’ Perhaps O’Malley’s over-the-top rhetoric can be attributed to concerns about his fundraising performance relative to leading GOP governors, or maybe it is a startled reaction caused by seeing Andrew Cuomo’s shadow looming behind him.”

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The DGA’s Strange Taco Fixation


The Democratic Governors Association helpfully informs us that Latinos eat tacos. All of them, apparently.

Linking to a critic of Meg Whitman’s immigration statements, they re-Tweet a message, “RT @DontGetMegd: Are you Latino? Meg Whitman wants to eat tacos with you! Or deport you. She can’t seem to decide.”

The post that the Tweet refers to does not mention anything about eating tacos; it just argues that she’s inconsistent on immigration.

I guess when the Democratic Governors Association thinks of Latino voters, they just blurt out “eating tacos” because, you know, they’re sensitive and all that.

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