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Races for Governor Starting to Take Shape in Ohio, New Mexico


Campaign-related news you may have missed in recent days . . .

OHIO: Democratic Cuyahoga County executive Ed FitzGerald will formally announce he’s running for governor of Ohio this week against incumbent Republican John Kasich. Fitzgerald already has a campaign web site up and running, and is at this point the only Democrat running, something of a surprise. Quite a few Democrats have turned down a race, including former governor Ted Strickland, U.S. representative Tim Ryan, and former U.S. representative Betty Sutton, according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

MINNESOTA: Rep. John Kline, a Minnesota Republican, announced he will not run against Senator Al Franken in 2014; he said he will focus on running for reelection. No Republicans have announced bids against Franken so far.

NEW MEXICO: State senator Howie Morales, a Democrat, said Friday that he is considering running for governor against Republican governor Susana Martinez. State senator Linda Lopez and state attorney general Gary King are also running on the Democratic side, and there’s some buzz around state senator Tim Keller, last seen lamenting the condition of the state’s economy, taking pride in the state’s $900 million surplus, and complaining about a recent cut in the state’s corporate tax rate. In February, a poll found Martinez enjoying a high approval rating of 64 percent.

CALIFORNIA: Thomas Elias, columnist for the Santa Monica Mercury, says that Republicans are still looking for a top-tier contender to put up against incumbent Jerry Brown in 2014.

It’s almost absurd to think Brown, who has vied with the likes of ex-Gov. Pete Wilson, billionaire Whitman and a sitting attorney general in Evelle Younger, worries much about the Republicans now lining up. If Poizner or some other billionaire capable of writing personal checks to finance a major campaign were to enter the lists, Brown might be given some pause. But right now he looks as secure as any 2014 candidate in America, even though he hasn’t said a word about running.

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Democratic Lawmaker Calls GOP Gov. Martinez
‘The Mexican’


All class: A Democratic state lawmaker in New Mexico allegedly refers to GOP governor Suzana Martinez as “the Mexican on the Fourth Floor.”

A Republican legislator said she was verbally assailed by House Majority Whip Sheryl Williams Stapleton during a committee break at the Capitol on Wednesday and that the Democratic leader angrily referred to Gov. Susana Martinez as “the Mexican on the Fourth Floor.”

Rep. Nora Espinoza, R-Roswell, said Stapleton accused her of publicly questioning her (Stapleton’s) integrity during a recent controversy involving Albuquerque Public Schools, where Stapleton works as an administrator while also serving in the Legislature.

” ‘You’re carrying the water for the Mexican on the Fourth Floor,’ ” Espinoza quoted Stapleton as saying, referring to the controversy and the Republican governor.

“She said it three times right there” during a lunch break of the Legislative Education Study Committee, Espinoza said.

Stapleton acknowledged confronting Espinoza on the integrity issue, then making the remark about the governor, but she said she did not mean it in a derogatory way or as an ethnic slur.

Ah. She didn’t mean to assert that the governor wasn’t an American in a derogatory way.

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I’ll Bet the New Mexico GOP Hopes Bill Richardson Attends a Lot of Rallies


Looking at some new polls out of New Mexico… if Republican Suzanna Martinez leads the gubernatorial race over Democrat Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, 45 percent to 39 percent, then neither Rep. Martin Heinrich nor Rep. Harry Teague should feel all that great about narrow leads (6 points and 3 points, respectively) over their GOP challengers.

The poll finds Gov. Bill Richardson’s approval rating at… 33 percent.

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