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Dems Could Take All State-Wide Races in Delaware


Not just the Senate. In the state’s lone congressional district, Democrat John Carney is winning easily against Republican Glen Urquhart. This, if you’ve managed to forget, is Mike Castle’s seat. Count one pickup for the Dems here.

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Obama to Campaign for Coons


President Obama and vice president Joe Biden will head a fundraiser for Democrat senate candidate Chris Coons in Wilmington next week.

Announcing the fundraiser, Coons praised the accomplishments of the Obama administration. “Our nation has seen great progress these last two years,” he said. “Unemployment benefits have been extended for families in need. More Americans have or will soon have access to more affordable, higher quality health care. Protections are in place for those struggling with credit card debt, and Wall Street reforms offer the promise of increased transparency and protection for investors.”

Numbers indicate that Obama remains a polarizing figure in the state, despite its heavily Democrat electorate. A mid-September Fox News poll of likely voters showed Obama with 45 percent approval ratings — and 46 percent disapproval ratings. Fifty percent favor repealing Obama’s health-care plan.

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Palin Will Campaign for O’Donnell in Delaware


In an interview with Sean Hannity last night, Sarah Palin announced that she intended to go to Delaware to campaign for Republican senate candidate Christine O’Donnell.

“She is the right one for Delaware,” said Palin, later adding that she was “excited about” campaigning for O’Donnell.

Palin endorsed O’Donnell five days before the state primary, boosting O’Donnell’s tea-party credentials at a crucial moment.

Calling the new “I am not a witch …I’m you” TV ad “good” and “very positive,” Palin urged O’Donnell “to explain what the real witchcraft and voodoo politics and economics is — and that’s what’s going on in D.C.”

She also expressed sympathy for O’Donnell. “Look at what her opponents are doing to her,” Palin said. “Look at what some in the establishment have tried to do to her and yet they think they saw the light and they’ve come around, too, realizing we need Christine in D.C.”

It’s not clear whether Palin’s presence on the campaign trail will help or hurt O’Donnell in Delaware. In California, another Democrat-leaning state, a recent poll showed that 58 percent of residents had an unfavorable view of Palin. This could prove problematic for Republican senate candidate Carly Fiorina, who was endorsed by Palin in the primary season.

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New Coons TV Ad


In a new TV ad, Democrat senate candidate Chris Coons tells Delawareans that he knows how to create jobs.

Saying that he “spent eight years working with one of the most innovative companies in the world,” Coons asserts that he “knows what it takes to help businesses to create jobs.”

His plan? “We have to invest in education. We have to make the tax code more fair, more predictable for small business. We have to invest in training. And we have to stop subsidizing companies who ship American jobs overseas.”

Instead, Coon argues, “we should be doing more to invest in companies that invest in us. We should be doing more to invest in the infrastructure that makes America competitive.”

“If we don’t fight for this economy, fight for good jobs, we’re just giving up on the future,” he concludes.

In the statement accompanying the ad, Coons criticized Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell’s ad, saying that it “talks a little about who she is, a little about who she isn’t, and says absolutely nothing about what she would do if elected to the Senate.”

“There’s no talk about how she would help Delawareans get back to work, improve access to quality health care, or help working families afford a college education,” Coons added. “That’s just one of the many ways that I know — in spite of her ad’s ‘I’m you’ message — that she is definitely not me.”

The ad began airing last night.

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Exclusive: O‘Donnell’s Reaction to Recent Polls


Asked by Battle ‘10 what she thought of the two recent polls showing her trailing Democrat senate candidate Chris Coons by 17 and 19 points, Christine O‘Donnell gave this response:

The polls said I couldn’t beat Mike Castle either.

Nobody said this would be easy, or else I wouldn’t have gotten in in the first place.

But there are nearly four weeks left in this campaign and I mean to get my message out to every concerned voter in Delaware.

There are real differences between Mr. Coons and myself. He believes in government.

I believe in the American people.

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