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No Franken-Coleman Rematch in 2014


Who’s running against comedian-turned-Minnesota senator Al Franken in 2014?

Not the man he beat, former senator Norm Coleman.

Coleman declared on Twitter,

[I] want to mentor a new generation of optimistic, limited government focused leaders who aren’t afraid to find common ground to solve problems. I will focus time and energy helping Minnesota elect a senator and governor who support free enterprise, efficient government and seek to bring folks together.

He added, “As a minority party w/ a diminishing base, Republican Party would do well to focus on gaining more converts than enforcing conformity.”

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If Not Coleman in 2012 for Minnesota’s GOP... Bachmann?


This is not really a surprise, but former Sen. Norm Coleman said he won’t be challenging Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar in 2012.

Considering the fund-raising tear she’s on, and her recent high profile, Rep. Michele Bachmann certainly seems to be a possible Klobuchar challenger.

I note that with her higher profile, she’s driving a particular MSNBC host around the bend. Chris Matthews has been even more unhinged than usual in discussing Bachmann, but apparently yesterday he suggested she is illiterate, declaring, “she’s lucky we don’t have literacy tests out there.” Hey, Keith Olbermann jumped on the last nerve of MSNBC executives and experienced the consequences. Any chance any grownup at MSNBC will step in and stage an intervention for Matthews?

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Steele Not Seeking a Second Term? (UPDATE: Apparently He Is.)


I’m not sure whether this is a scoop for Politico or they’re just guessing: “On a 7:30 p.m. conference call, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele is expected to announce he won’t seek reelection when the committee picks a new chairman at its winter meeting next month. Friends warn that you never know with Steele, but confide that he has sent them the clear signal he’s dropping out. That’s based in part on the erosion, in the last week, of votes he had been counting on.”

They continue, “With Steele’s likely departure, NORM COLEMAN – former U.S. senator from Minnesota, and now chairman of American Action Network and Forum, a key outside GOP group – is now “leaning towards running, based on his ability to raise money and act as a national surrogate,” per a close source. Coleman’s big push will be fundraising: “I was the best fundraiser of all the Senate candidates.” However, committee insiders say Coleman was hurt by the leaked news that he had promised Steele he wouldn’t run against him. Many in the GOP are agitating for change, not clubbiness.”

If Steele does decide to not run for another term, his absence from a recent candidate debate makes more sense and doesn’t appear to be a mistake.

UPDATE: There is now word from RNC members that Steele is indeed running for another term.

But how many RNC members will be itching to see another two years of his leadership?

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