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The 2012 Senate Reelection Decisions Come Tumbling in . . .


It looks like Senatorial Retirement Decision Week.

First Kent Conrad of North Dakota announced he’s retiring at the end of this term.

Then Dick Lugar of Indiana announced he’s not retiring and will run for another term (and face GOP primary opposition).

Joe Lieberman of Connecticut tells us to stay tuned for an announcement tomorrow.

Say, Virginia Democrat Jim Webb, do you have any news you would like to share with us?

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Kent Conrad to Retire; GOP to Have Advantage in 2012


With news that North Dakota Democrat senator Kent Conrad is retiring, his one announced potential challenger, Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk, will have company. (Kalk’s official biography can be found here.) The state will probably see a crowded GOP primary; a Republican who wins this seat will likely have the wind at his back for the remainder of his career.

North Dakota Democrats had a hard time mounting much of a serious challenge to John Hoeven in 2010; their candidate, Tracy Potter, carried only 22 percent. We’ll see if their bench can generate a stronger candidate in 2012.

While North Dakota had three Democrats representing it in Congress for many years, the state leans heavily GOP otherwise; last year, the GOP won the Senate race, the lone House race, secretary of state, attorney general, agriculture commissioner, public service commissioner, and tax commissioner, all by nearly 2-to-1 margins.

Of course, the presidential race is likely to work against the Democrat in 2012. While Obama carried a respectable 45 percent in 2008, he’s not likely to match that total as an established incumbent.

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North Dakota Republican Mulls Bid for Conrad’s Seat


North Dakota Democratic senator Kent Conrad now has at least one potential challenger: Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk. He’s filed the papers for an exploratory committee; his official biography can be found here.

Potential slogan: “If Washington is cracking up, let’s fix it with Kalk.”

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Fiscal Discipline Awards to Paul Ryan,
Mitch Daniels, and . . . Kent Conrad?


Let’s hear it for fiscal conservatives!

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels is one of three winners of a new award for responsible financial stewardship and fiscal discipline in government. The first ever “Fiscy Awards” will be presented this week to Daniels, Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota and Republican Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. The awards are given by a committee that includes officials from the Comeback America Initiative, the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget and the Concord Coalition.

More information about the “Fiscys” can be found here.

Daniels! (Hooray!) Ryan! (Hooray!) and . . . Kent Conrad?

The pork and ethanol king?

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