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Have the Aspiring GOP Presidents Contemplated the Burden of the Office?


As we see a range of unlikely figures insisting that they are, indeed, serious about running for president — Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, former Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain, mogul/publicity hound Donald Trump — one has to wonder about their enthusiasm for a position that, if done correctly, ought to be one of massive, and perhaps wearying responsibility.

To be president means, among other things, at some point you are just about certain to write letters of condolence to parents of young men and women you ordered into harm’s way. To be president means you’ll have to choose whether to risk others’ lives, and balance how much risk you expose those in uniform against how much risk is faced by Americans everywhere.

If Japan’s crisis worsens, do you expose U.S. military personnel to radiation to save lives? Do you strike an al-Qaeda site on foreign soil if the intelligence isn’t 100 percent reliable (and it almost never is)? Do you warn the host government, and run the risk of losing the element of surprise?

How do you balance the risks of action and inaction in dealing with the Iranian nuclear program? What if there are signs our foes may retaliate against American civilians on U.S. soil? How much brinksmanship are you willing to pursue with the unpredictable and bewhildering Kim Jong-Il? Are these aspiring happy souls ready to live with the consequences?

Don’t any of these aspiring presidents find this daunting? Don’t any of them sigh with relief knowing that whatever the current problems in their life, they don’t face these dreadful choices? Even the best presidents find themselves needing to console the nation after awful tragedies and great evils – the Lockerbie bombing, 9/11, Fort Hood.

We’ve all seen how the presidency ages the men who have held that position. To be president is to face difficult decisions every day and live with the consequences. Make the wrong moves, and you’ll be remembered in history as a national failure. Sometimes you can make the right decisions and the public will hate you anyway.

Have these candidates even thought about this? The reluctance of a John Thune or Mike Pence, the hesitation of a Mitch Daniels, or the repeated exclamations of disinterest from a Chris Christie make a lot of sense, and seem healthier and more responsible than some candidates’ unbridled enthusiasm.

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Tim Pawlenty to Talk Public-Sector Unions at Tea Party Summit


Wisconsin’s teachers, the runaway state lawmakers, the DNC, and President Obama have all ensured that a major issue in the 2012 GOP primary will be reining in runaway expenses for public-sector unions.

Tim Pawlenty will headline an inaugural policy summit being put on by one of the largest national tea party groups in the U.S.

Tea Party Patriots announced Friday morning that the former Minnesota governor and probable 2012 GOP presidential candidate will be the keynote speaker at their event, titled “American Policy Summit — Pathways to Liberty,” which is being held February 25-27 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas and businessman and radio talk-show host Herman Cain — who are also considering bids for the White House — are also speaking at the event, which organizers say will bring tea party supporters and public policy analysts together for briefings, discussions and policy debates. The summit is being held as tea party activists mark the second anniversary of their movement’s birth.

“Governor Pawlenty is looking forward to sharing his lessons learned from winning tough battles with the liberals and public employees’ unions in Minnesota,” Pawlenty adviser and spokesman Alex Conant tells CNN. “This tea party group is a great champion for tax and spending cuts — something Governor Pawlenty feels strongly about.”

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Monday’s Servings . . .


Daddy duties will mean light posting today, but there’s plenty to read if you haven’t already:

  • A look at the enormous challenges facing new RNC chair, Reince Priebus.
  • An interview with Herman Cain, former chief executive of Godfather’s Pizza, a former Senate candidate in Georgia, and a columnist who has formed a presidential exploratory committee.
  • And over on the home page, edition two of “The Balcony,” featuring Rich, Ramesh, Jonah, and Dan.

And a Monday edition of the Three Martini Lunch is slated for the near future . . .

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Herman Cain Hopes an Early Start Helps Win the 2012 Nomination


The race for the 2012 Republican nomination has . . . urgh . . . begun:

Welcome to the new, home to my presidential exploratory committee. Here, you will find all of the important information necessary to keep up-to-date with my decision-making process as I continue to determine how God wants me to best serve our great nation.

The American Dream is under attack. In fact, a recent survey found 67% of the American People believe America is headed in the wrong direction. Sadly, this comes as no surprise to those of us who have watched an out-of-control federal government that spends recklessly, taxes too much and oversteps its Constitutional limits far too often.

While our country faces grave and complex problems, America is not lost forever. The glory of the American Dream can still be found in the hearts of those who love Her and the promise of freedom She guarantees.

America is an exceptional nation. America is the greatest idea any man has ever imagined. America is the noblest endeavor humanity has ever known. It is because of this that we have the obligation to preserve the American Dream for generations to come.

President Ronald Reagan once said: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States when men were free.”

Fellow patriots, now more than ever, we must come together to take a stand for the future of America. I make this promise to you as I deliberate the ways in which I can do my part to restore and protect the American Dream: I would be the voice of the American People. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I ask you to do the same for me.

Who is Herman Cain? He’s a businessman and former head of Godfather’s Pizza, former chairman of the National Restaurant Association, unsuccessful candidate for Senate in Georgia in 2004, host of an Atlanta-based radio talk show, and regular columnist and talking head. Here’s a bit of him talking with Neil Cavuto:

I’ll be talking with Cain tomorrow.

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